Collab House presents ‘India Demo Day’

India Demo Day (IDD) is an initiative by DLabs for Indian Startups to showcase themselves to a global audience of investors, VCs and businesses with emphasis on innovation.

Being the member of the team IDD, Vineel has decided to put up an event at Collab House to give a glimpse about the event and also to present certain principles followed startups to pitch their ideas.

This event is to introduce the IDD initiative to the Hyderabad Startup Community and talk about the upcoming event in November, IDD Singapore. Many enthusiastic wanna-be entrepreneurs got excited, hearing about the ideology of VCs from the experienced speakers.

This event has created a huge impact on the attendees by shaping their thoughts in a broader and stream lined perspectives about venture capitalists. They could go in to the shoes of an investor and think the other way round while preparing a business model.


What? DLabs in association with Collab House presents India Demo Day Singapore

Why? To Introduce IDD initiative to Hyderabad Startup community

When? 26 September 2015



Collab House presents ‘India Demo Day’

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