EngineersHub in News


EngineersHub is a startup based in Education and engineering domain. Its has been a great journey so far for the high visionary and techie CEO Manoj Raj since the launch of EngineersHub. “There is no specialized platform for engineers to gain knowledge and get Guidance from, We out to build a Global Educational Network”, Says Manoj Raj when asked about the vision that drives him.


E TV Telangana, A prominent news channel has reached out to interview on whereabouts of EngineersHub this interview was part of a program called ‘Yuva’. This show telecasts the stories of emerging leaders and innovators solving major problem of the society.

Collab House is extremely happy to incubate EngineersHub and many other startups packed with innovation, energy and endless enthusiasm.


What?  EngineersHub gets featured in a prominent news Channel

Why? A token of recognition for The Hard working team of ‘EngineersHub’

When?     13  November 2015




EngineersHub in News

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