Lassib Society



In ancient Aramaic, Lassib means “Fountain of Knowledge”.

LASSIB Society Vision :
Nurturing Next Generation Governance Globally

LASSIB Society Mission:
Nurturing Next Generation Governance Globally,

  • among Individuals, Organizations and Governments
  • to deliver Accessible, Affordable, Quality, Accountable and Perceived outcomes
  • for Themselves, End-users and related Stakeholders
  • through a balanced fusion of Human Assets, Processes, Technologies, Partners, and other Resources

The event is the 2nd mini round table conference to discuss and debate about the ‘Opportunities and Challenges in Educating Rural Children in India’.

The event started off with a formal introduction and setting of the context. Being the burning topic in the society, the topic needed a couple of brain storming sessions followed by tea and snack breaks. The points and inputs form every panelist are clearly specified and documented. The panel decided up on a final conclusion after considering every point of the panel members.


The panel members are listed below:

  • Aniruddha Dasu
    Senior Vice President
    Polaris Consulting Services
  • Geeta Goti
    VP – Confederation of Women
    Entrepreneurs of India
  • Rambabu Kaipa
    Leader for Strategic Initiatives & CSR
  • Anamika Sarma Iyer
    Associate Vice President (CS)
    Tata Business Support Services
  • Sivashanmugam
  • Isha Foundation
    Asmita Kulkarni
    CSR Professional
    Dr. Reddy’s

The energetic people with a great industrial experience has been a day to count on the memories of Collab House.

Please visit the link below for more details about this event organized by LAssib Community Hyderabad Chapter.

What? A meetup of Lassib Society Hyderabad Chapter.

Why?  To discuss about the Opportunities and Challenges in Educating Rural Children in India.

When?12 September 2015

Lassib Society

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