Startup Cricket League



The character behind this is Sai Kiran Gunda, who has converted a small idea in to an elegant Entrepreneurship event. This guy is mad at ideology and an exceptionally well executor. He basically has the confidence which he puts in to his words to give immense energy to his team.

In the modern times, entrepreneurship is not just about making money and building the economy, it’s also about challenging and solving tough problems, being full of passion, thinking about the benefit of not just you but everyone around you, and also having some fun while on the journey. This is the motive that has driven the team of Startup Cricket League to put up a good event.

16 startups battled it out at the Kotla Vijay Bhaskar(KVBR) Stadium, for the coveted SCL Trophy, thus providing wannabe entrepreneurs and future CEOs an amazing networking opportunity. ‘Purple Talk’ has emerged as the winner among all the teams.


Winning Team, ‘Purple Talk’

The event had certain Add0ns

1)  Startup Talks to giving opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to share their startup story with all other energetic participants.

2)  The Founders Pavilion would consist, industry experts, founders, CEOs, who are an ocean of knowledge themselves, thus, presenting an opportunity for the would-be entrepreneurs to have a personal chat, with the elite.

3) Internship Bucket is a chance for students to get hired as an intern by renounced companies.

This event has been a talk of the town for the whole month of December. Getting featured in media for several times, depicts the impact that Startup Cricket League has impressed on Startup Ecosystem of Hyderabad. The event is a testimony to Hyderabad’s vibrant,  enthusiastic and energetic startup ecosystem. From dynamic young founders and startup enthusiasts to serial entrepreneurs and investors, incubators, enablers and an overall supportive environment, It won’t be long before Hyderabad can be touted as the best place to startup in the country .

Though the original Battle ground is KVBR Stadium, Collab House has been the venue for whole lot of planning and brainstorming sessions.



What?   First ever sporting event for Startups.

Why?     To bring together, all the startups in the city for a day dedicated to battle on a cricket ground.

When?  December 5, 2015

Where?  Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Indoor stadium, Yousafguda, Hyderabad.




Startup Cricket League

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