Yahoo Mobile Meetup


Some of the best Flurry and YAP( Yahoo App Publishing) product and engineering people has come down from the US to speak to the tech geeks in and around Hyderabad.

The doors were open for registration at 5 Pm and the event started off with a Warm welcome and sharing insights of Mobile developing. An overview of Yahoo Mobile developer suite was given to the enthusiastic developers around.


Flurry Analytics was then introduced with informative user case studies. Mobile Monetization with yahoo App Publishing and a panel discussion on this topic has turned the crowd more interactive with few quality questions coming out from the crowd.



A event concluded with a quick snack of Pizza and Soft drinks. The amazing ambiance of cafeteria has turned out to be a good networking venue for the participants.

At this event, mobile developers has bagged the opportunity to network with fellow participants from the vibrant mobile developer and start-up community in Hyderabad. Participants were able to get some practical information on Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, which could help them to measure, advertise, monetize and improve their mobile apps.

What? Yahoo’s first ever mobile developer event in Hyderabad, India.

Why? A deep dive into Flurry Analytics, and the Yahoo App Publishing Platform

When? December 3, 2015

Where? T-Hub, IIIT Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Yahoo Mobile Meetup

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