“Joy Of Giving” by 3Ding.


3Ding has come up with an inspirational initiative coated with a creative cream.  Rama Krishna Math located in Rajamundry houses a duck which  lost one of its leg in an Accident.

Sandeep Reddy, COO of 3Ding was contacted by one of his friends from Rama Krishna Math to do something to help out the poor bird as the caretaker doesn’t have clue on what to do. Team ‘3Ding’, after taking the measurements of limb of the duck, produced an artificial limb using the most happening maker technology ‘3D printing’.

Though creating the 3D design of the limb fetched some time, the whole process of printing the plastic limb took 3 hours.


Collab House is extremely happy to house such an inspirational personnel who could put their humanity in to Creativity to serve a good cause.

Getting featured in prominent news papers in Hyderabad is another recognition for awesome initiative taken up by Team 3Ding.




What?  Team 3Ding has 3D printed a leg for a duck.

Why?  To experience the ‘Joy Of Giving’, Humanity.

When? 17 December 2015.




“Joy Of Giving” by 3Ding.

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