Hackers’ Summit


Celebrating Hacking with the Hacker community is the main idea of Hackers Summit. It brings celebrated hackers and startups together to build momentum and opportunity around hacking events. By celebrating the spirit of hacking community in India, it has been a Hacking Carnival.


The line of Amazing Technology speakers

There were talks featuring celebrated Hackers , Deep-dive tech sessions in unconference style, acknowledging winners of various hacking events, a Hackathon of Hackathons and a Hackers Hiring event.

The focus of the hackathon is on building an IoT prototype under the theme of ‘Smart Cities’

Speakers from the Hackers community, and outside, are brought in to share their story. Hacker-unconference sessions with hacker/open-source thought leaders on emerging technologies and hacking tips/tricks in Cloud, Mobile, IoT, security, JS and more. It is a gathering and community of people who share values and a bigger vision of the impact they want to have on the world. The unconference does not fit into a particular track. The beauty of the unconference is that we hand-pick a variety of people from different industries, genres, ages and countries.


Manish, Mozilla Representative, speaking about ‘Rust’ Language

After the end of the Hackathon, a hiring event led by ‘Headstart Higher’ had enabled a bunch of Sought of startups of the city to recruited few brilliant participants.

The event has created a huge impact on the hacker community of Hyderabad and enabled many Hackers of Hyderabad to create platform to build bright future.


What? Hackers’ Summit presented by HYSEA

Why? A 48 hour hackathon on IoT and smart cities

When? 9-11  July 2015

Where?  IIIT Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli




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