‘Love your City’ campaign on Valentine’s Day


The inspiring action of a set of ‘off the box’ thinkers has created buzz around the city. On the day dedicated to lovers(Valentines’s day), our fellow city dwellers has took up an initiative to show their love to ward their city. On this day when every individual tries to celebrate and be with their loved ones, Our friends didn’t miss the opportunity to portray their love to their city on a mere concrete wall.


On 14th February, team Servesy & Memilog, with support from other community members of Collab House spent the day painting a wall at Necklace road as part of the ‘Love Your City’ campaign in partnership with HMDA & Lake View Police. Harmeeth singh, CEO of servesey.com and Sai Kiran Gunda, CEO of Memilog along with their friends and colleagues have taken up this initiative. Their artistic minds have set up an amazing impression on minds of persons who passes by Necklace road.

The painting shows every important architecture of the city clubbed together to show the historical importance of ‘Hyderabad’, our lovely city.

Happy Valentine’s day Folks!


What?  A selfless initiative on account of Valentine’s day

Why?  To create awareness on the importance of Loving one’s own city

When? 14 February 2015

Where?  Necklace Road, Hyderabad


‘Love your City’ campaign on Valentine’s Day

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