Movie Analysis by Reelistic


The movie club is a fun way of looking deeper into the emotions, perceptions and thoughts that weave human relationships together or tear them apart.


As ‘Seeing Beyond the Obvious’ says Reelistic Movie club, you’d really feel the essence of deep diving or seeing beyond the obvious. The event starts with screening of a movie of any genre and every participant is supposed to watch the movie with good attention.

As soon as the movie comes to an end, the panel pounces up on a discussion or debate or whatever we can call it. The discussion turns out to be so amusing that you could actually decide up on the nature of every single character in every single perspective. The analysis gives you a portrayal of thoughts hovering over the directors head while picturing the scenes.

Each character of the movie is deeply analyzed with every participant putting in their input in order to reach for a conclusion about that particular character. The discussion shows how a minute act of a character can totally change its characteristic. This kind of analysis could be really helpful for judging up on a person in real life. Psychological analysis is a pretty interesting topic.

Few movies which are analyzed by Reelistic team are Gone Girl, Cocktail, Instinct, The Judge etc.

Collab House is happy to be the venue partner for Movie Analysis by Reelistic movie club. We hope to see awesome analysis events by Reelistic club in upcoming months. On 11th of October, Collab House has successfully completed 1 year of being a venue partner  for Reelistic events.


What? Movie analysis

Why? To understand the characters of a movie in various aspects

When? Every Odd month.



Movie Analysis by Reelistic

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