Corporate Friday

There is no fixed working hours for a startup. You need to work in a continuous stretches until a task gets over. Similarly you don’t even have a separate dress code while working for a startup. Tees with Jeans, Shorts, sneakers, slippers or whatever it is, your external appearance doesn’t annoy anyone unless until you have a dedicated and motivated mindset to work. Corporate Friday is one of its kind idea followed by peers at Collab House.


Certain corporate companies allow their employees to put their ‘SWAG ON'(Dress as you like) for a particular day in a week though they put a restriction on the drees-code for the rest of the week. The wanna be entrepreneurs and Freelancers housed in Collab House and working on a diverse set of products and designs  never had a restriction on their dressing style. Being casual or a bit unprofessional all the week has become routine for our buddies. Why not try out a Professional, Corporate Outfit on an eve. ‘Drop in’  with your ‘Swag on’ every Friday eve.

What? Dressing up in Corporate Style

Why? To Appear in a professional Attire after a weeklong stretch of work

When? Every Friday

Corporate Friday

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