Crowdfunding deep impact India

Crowdfunding has become a serious source of capital to kick-start new ventures and is by far the most disruptive innovation of the 21st century. As an industry, crowdfunding has developed steadily into a primary tool for entrepreneurs and creative people to assess the potential for their ideas, engage with specific people who would be interested in these ideas, and also attract the funding which is pivotal to the success of any project.


This Crowdfunding Conference will provide the participants with the unique opportunity to discuss current state of the industry in India and worldwide, to learn from experts in venture capital, business angel and crowdfunding fields, to network and find new partnerships.

With the industry that’s growing at a compound annual growth rate of 74% year on year there are already more than 450 Crowdfunding Platforms worldwide, most in the US and Europe. At the moment India has about 12-15 crowdfunding platforms and the list is increasing day by day.

Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur, business-owner or just starting out, the Deep Impact Conference is a precise way to understand the crowdfunding phenomena and how is it opening access to new sources of funding.

The conference will provide a forum for an explosion of awareness for the potential uses of the models, for the growth of entrepreneurship and business.

Crowdfunding is going to play a major role in India. We tried the crowdfunding platform for Collab House early on, got leverage & had learning’s. We are happy to share our experience with the broader community.


Please visit the website for updates:

What?   India’s First Crowdfunding Conference – Crowdfunding Deep Impact!

Why?   To give insights about crowd funding 

When? 21 March 2015

Where?  ISB, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Crowdfunding deep impact India

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