‘Planning for Impact’ workshop

A big day for Mozillians, in and around Hyderabad. George Roter, Participation Director, Mozilla has come down to Collab House to interact with local Mozillians. We are glad to receive one of the main directors of Mozilla Volunteer community to our community space. Being open to every kind of an event, Collab House has had another day to remember with George Roter in house.

The session is aimed at nurturing the attendees with various strategies on hot to create maximum impact with an event. The session started with a brief introduction with a glimpse about the conceptual understanding of ‘Impact’.

A small hands on session with different segments of a event starting from Planning, Input, Actions, Output, Outcome and the ultimate impact. The every term mentioned in the previous line is explained with a crisp clear case study. The attendees were divided in to groups and every group had to come out with a plan of an event. A particular hierarchy has to be followed to leverage the impact of that event.


The workshop was interesting with a couple of ice breaker sessions and a snacks break. The workshop has had a great imoression on Hyderabad Mozilla Community with several impact filled initiative taken up by them.

What?    George Roter in the house! ‘Planning for Impact’ workshop for Mozillians in Hyderabad

Why?    To enable the strategic understanding of ‘Impact’ for Mozillians in the city

When?  7 May 2015

‘Planning for Impact’ workshop

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