Workshop on ‘Maze Art’ by Lasya Madireddy

Lasya Madireddy is a techie, working in TCS and also possesses a creative add-on ‘Maze Art.’

Lasya has created several mazes and the recent one include drawing a 300 sq.ft maze!! The maze drawn during Design Summit 2015 is nominated for Limca Book of World records!

“As a child, one has interests in doodling and stuff and as one grows, one’s logic also grows. So, it is a combination of art and logic. I have been doing it from the last ten years. All thanks to a horrible math teacher that I had, who drove me into using my brains in a better manner,” says lasya when in an interview with Saddahaq.


 The workshop on Maze art is an initiative by ‘Hyderabad Artists Meetup Community’ in collaboration with Collab House. It started off with a brief introduction of Maze art and then a hands on  workshop to draw a design. With every attendee willing to make their hands dirty by practising this very less known art, built up a creative atmosphere in our space. Though tough to practice, this is an amazing art if once mastered. As artist folks say, “There are just single digit number of Maze artists in India”, Collab House is happy to have one in-house, teaching this a-maze-ing art.

What?  Workshop on how to create hand drawn mazes.

Why?  To introduce a creative art to the peers of our city

When? 14 April 2015


Workshop on ‘Maze Art’ by Lasya Madireddy

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