An interactive session on 3D printing

3D printing is the most happening maker technology revolutionising every industry possible. This technology has set foot in India a couple of years ago but it has already started disrupting western industries.

3Ding in association with Collab House has organised a session to enthusiasts in Hyderabad to give basics of 3D printing. The session was much interactive with every attendee participating in the discussion with valid doubts. Sandeep Reddy from 3Ding with immense knowledge about the techniques has explained various types of 3D printers, Different technologies used in 3D printing and also the diverse industries getting benefited by this disruptive technology.


They attendees were awestruck when an X-box Kinect was used to capture 3D image of any object or a person. The  3D image so obtained can be given as an input to print a 3D model.


The attendees were handed asked to take a look at the 3D model printed at Collab House. The attendees were excited by looking at models with complex shapes and sizes.

Every attendee was gifted a key chain printed with their name, as a token of remembrance.IMAG2773

A great day to with enthusiastic interactions and Amazing energy.

Thank you 3Ding, Thank you Sandeep and Thank you Veeresh!

What? A session on 3D printing by 3Ding

Why?  To educate the enthusiasts about the most happening maker Technology

When?  23/12/2015

An interactive session on 3D printing

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