‘Ride on Cab’ Launch

Sai Kiran is a passionate youngster with great vision. He is  a closely connected member to Collab House family for a long time, worked as R&D manager for Edukinect. Being bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and envisaged by the idea which struck his mind, launched his own venture, ‘Ride on Cab’. ‘Awesome labs’ launched by himself is the parent company of ROC (Ride On Cab ).


The whole idea is to bring all the cab service providers to a single platform and make a choice to the customers while booking for the best price and least waiting time. With his tremendous leadership and operational skills which he acquired while working in the previous company boosted his confidence. He would trust himself before listening to anyone else.

The launch was planned in the presence of 6 cab service vendors who were ready to list themselves on ROC. The launch started with an introduction of his Idea and the growth opportunity. The audience then had a few questions on challenges that ROC could face and also the competition in the atmosphere in this particular domain. Sai Kiran was able to give a clear and crisp answers to every single question tossed by the audience.

The launch party was yummy with a variety  of vegetarian dishes. The food was very tasty and event the hard core non-vegetarians in house couldn’t wait to fill their tummies with these delicious dishes.

What?  Launch of a new startup at Collab House

Why?  To launch the prototype of ‘Ride on Cab’, Venture started by Sai Kiran

When? 1 August 2015

‘Ride on Cab’ Launch

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