The August fest 2015

The August Fest 2105 is India’s Largest Startup Conference: 60 Speakers, 4200+ Awesome People from 40 cities, 10 countries celebrated arts & Entrepreneurship.

In the third edition, on 29th and 30th of August 2015, August Fest hosted 4200 people from across India, Asia, Middle East and Europe ! International Speakers – Remarkable Panel Discussions – Exciting Talks – Meaningful Workshops – Interactive Sessions and loads of fun were the exciting part of August Fest 2015 !


The venue of the festival was close by to Collab House so it was a pleasure to coordinate with volunteers dropping by and simple things like helping with printouts.

It was really like a festival mood at Collab House on days before the event. All the startups, communities were actively preparing for their participation, working on designs, planning activities, printing posters, sorting 100’s of business cards, engaging their personal teams. Imagine a close family wedding and how all the family members get excited and on work on it. The August Fest was one of that kind. The whole event was for the startups, for the city.All startups big and small got to get involve and were provided a platform.

Thanks to The August Fest & Telangana Government for making it happen.

Reading about the stories of Silicon Valley and the likes and how you could bump into amazing people in random ways. At the event, one of the speaker asked to get a printout of his slide deck. We had to come to Collab House and got it printed, just to realise it was Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a project initiated by Elon Musk.

The conference was filled with ultimate set of events and discussions engaging most brilliant minds of India. All the stages including  the Main, Interactive and creative stages had some amazing activities round the clock. They had Inspirational speeches, Startup pitches, Design Ideas, Fun events, etc. The whole convention centre was vibrating with energy and excitement.

Every startup housed in Collab House, viz. EngineersHub, MakerClub, RideOnCab, Memilog, 3Ding had their presence at the fest. Their stalls and demo pods were put up to explain their idea to the innumerable number of attendees.



August Fest 2015 was the most trending topic offline and online among Indian startup community during that weekend.

It was a memorable weekend for Collab House to collaborate with “The August Fest 2015”.


“Any startup or an entrepreneur should realise that you can’t build anything in a day or in a month They need to learn to be patient and should have incredible amount of perseverance to achieve something”, Says Kiran, Founder of ‘The August Fest’

Those who’ve missed, can watch glimpses of the conference here:

What?  India’s largest startup conference, ‘The August fest 2015’

Why?  Connect the startup various startup communities across the Country

When? 29-30 August 2015

Where?  JRC Convention Centre, Hyderabad

The August fest 2015

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