Memoirs of Hyderabad

“Memoirs of Hyderabad” is dedicated to celebrate the culture of Hyderabad by bringing out the uniqueness of the people dwelling in this lovely city. The idea is really simple. Having interesting conversations with random people from different parts of the city and give the world a glimpse of their stories, thoughts, memories and philosophies by posting it on a photo-blog. Its amazing how you can learn and how much love you can spread by striking random conversations with the strangers around you.


Sai Kiran Gunda, CEO of Memilog was stricken with the idea of ‘Memoirs of Hyderabad’ when he was looking at a platform to publicize Memilog. It happens every now and then with great energy. People from different parts of the city come down to Collab House with different memories to share with fellow attendees. The ideas guy all the time, Sai Kiran Gunda has exceptionally made this initiative a successful one with new group turning up on every new ‘Memoirs of Hyderabad’ day.



What?  Memoirs of Hyderabad by ‘Memilog’

Why? To cherish one’s memories and share them with others


Memoirs of Hyderabad

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