1st Anniversary of ‘Collab House’


We’re building a new self-sustaining local collaborative community centre – one which can act as a hub of activity for anyone with an independent skill or project and a space for those who seek a chance to build great things alongside the city’s best and brightest.


Collab House is a collaborative community space. We built the space to support hackers, makers, start-ups and creative people to come together, make things, grow their skills, business, in a collaborative, community backed environment.
It would be open to all, where startups, hackers, makers, freelancers, students, artists and those who can work anywhere can gather to collaborate, socialise, teach, learn, play and work.

It is amazing that in just a course of 1 year, we have had a footfall of 3121, hosted 73 events and embraced 26 communities in to the family of Collab House. The social reach of near 1 lakh shows the impact that we have created online and impression left on the minds of people supporting our space.


On account of anniversary month, we have had a month full of celebrations with open days at Collab House, a whole 30 days of awesomeness, 5 weekends of activity and 15 amazing events. Every one was open to access the space and work from Collab House on these days. The ‘Open Days’ month ended with the launch of Startup Grind Hyderabad Chapter, hosting Anu Acharya for the first event of ‘Startup Grind’ in Hyderabad, at Collab House.


The late night karaoke, Pizzas, Biryani and Beers blended together made a blasting party in house.

What? Anniversary of our own Space, ‘Collab House’

Why? To shoutout the impact statement and celebrate 1 year of launching Collab House

When? 15 June 2015




1st Anniversary of ‘Collab House’

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