Hacking meetup by Hackster.io




Hackster.io started in 2013 with a commitment to help people everywhere learn how to program, connect and create Internet-connected hardware. Today, Hackster community has grown to 50,000 developers, makers and entrepreneurs who build projects as means for learning and discovery.

Hackster put people and learning ahead of commercial interests, and they’ve built an amazing network of partners who believe in a unique mission.

The agenda of the day is below:

  • 1 – H/W Hacking and Co-Making Philosophy – By Surendhar Reddy
  • 2 – Getting Started with Win 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi- By Rithvik Poddutri
  • 3 – Rapid IoT Dev on Raspberry Pi using WebIOPi IoT framework – By Syed Anwaarullah

This is the first meetup of the Hyderabad chapter of Hackster.io. Session started off with introduction to various IoT platforms, Arduino, Raspberry pi and several other web APIs.


The hall was filled with makers when Rithvik and Surender started explaining about various web platforms providing free access for startups and makers to use their servers in order to develop great products. The session went interactive when simple makes and hacks using Raspberry Pi are demonstrated by Anwarullah.


Anwarullah being a hardcore hacker and passionate makers who makes use of various electronic components to develop amazing IoT devices. The make of switching on a light bulb using relay switch and Raspberry pie and generating a wifi hotspot using the same pi  is demonstrated to the crowd.

The QA session was very interactive with every attendee clearing their doubts on various cutting edge technologies enabled by cross platform and cross generation IoT devices.


This event is an inspirational and energetic start to the new hacker community in Hyderabad. Team Collab House wishes all the best to Hackster.io Hyderabad chapter.


What? First hardware hacking and making session by hackster.io in the city

Why? To create a sustained hardware hacker chapter of hackster.io in the city

When? 17 January 2015





Hacking meetup by Hackster.io

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