Screening of TVF Pitchers season 1.





TVF Pitchers is an Indian web series created by The Viral Fever(TVF) and developed by Arunabh Kuamr. The first season of the series consists of five episodes which follows four friends, Naveen, Jitu, Yogi and Mandal, who quit their jobs in order to develop their own Start-up. It was inspired by the American TV Series Silicon Valley.

Collab House being a hub for start-up and wannabe entrepreneurs, we thought of screening all the episodes of TVF Pitchers at our space.

It was popcorn  and fun on the screening of first episode, ‘Tu Beer Hai’ screened on 5th June 2015. Though we didn’t have any beer after the show, we have got a very good ‘kick’ to start some thing that we love doing.

For the second episode we had a good number of audience since they missed fun during the first one and doesn’t want to miss any thing this time. The second episode ‘AND THERE WERE FOUR’ was screened on 19th of July. This one was a good game playing around the importance of a team, how t0 bring crucial players on board and also how to put yourself in to a team which is out to make a miracle.

The third episode, ‘THE JURY ROOM’, screened on 22nd July was a perfect plot and twist of events over a one rupee coin. We could relate our community members and ourselves to the four characters on the screen running around million investors and overwhelmed by the plethora of start-ups. The dialogue by yogi, “Yaar Naveen, I can follow you till hell, but I can’t follow one rupee coin yaar” made the audience burst out with laughter in spite of the furious discussion between the qaurtet.

The fourth episode, ‘BULB JALEGA BOSS’, screened on 2nd August was the penultimate premiere of the 5 episodes of season 1. The art of selling yourself portrayed on the screen created a huge impact on the audience attending the show. The ‘TU BEER HAI’ kick has just churned in to a passion and ambition with that spontaneous ‘inspirational speech’ by Naveen Bansal.

The season finale, the fifth episode, ‘WHERE MAGIC HAPPENS’ has had a magical turn around of events on screen. With intellectual property theft, “Gundey Nahi, Entrepreneurs hai BC” and finally Naveen’s start-up getting funded.

People here could’ve watched all of the shows while at home on their laptop, plugging in a headset but they never have had the feeling of watching a first of its kind TV show with an amazing set of individuals all together over an eve after a stressed stretch of work.

It was great hosting TVF pitchers at Collab House and we promise many such events in the coming months to drain out your stress. Thank you for watching the show at Collab House.

What? Screening of the 1st season of ‘TVF Pitchers’

Why?  Watching a movie is too main stream.





Screening of TVF Pitchers season 1.

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