Screening of the movie ‘Gate Way to Heaven’

Collab House has always been supportive to social causes and initiatives aimed for societal benefit. We have been lending a helping hand to all those organizations performing social activities and we commit ourselves to do so for the generations to come.

On 7th of February 2016, Collab House has hosted the screening of the Movie, ‘Gate Way to Heaven’. Made by an amazing individual, Anshul sinha, the movie is a real eye opener for humanity. Based on the life story, it pricks the emotional and sentimental corner of every person who watches this movie with an open mind. It is the tale of an inspirational personality who has arranged the last rites of 12,000 orphan dead bodies in a span of less than 10 years. The organization named ‘Satya Harishchandra Foundation‘ has been and is and would committed to provide the last rites of all the orphan and unclaimed dead bodies in the city.


Anshul Sinha‘, the person behind the screen, has well portrayed the mission of the foundation with a beautiful screenplay and cinematography. The story line has touched every one who has attended the screening of the movie. Anshul has researched and worked for about 2 years in total to make this 68 minutes movie. It was an artistic piece with Sketcching, animation, music and acting blended together and churned to turn out as a powerful message. This 68 minute motion picture clearly depicts the effort that the team of ‘Gate Way to Heaven’ has put up, paying them off with 4 international nominations and ultimately bagging up 2 awards in those nominations.



At Collab House, we have an open community to appreciate and support your initiatives. Drop in to know more about the amazing activities taking place at our space.


What? Movie screening of ‘Gate Way to Heaven’ by Anshul Sinha

Why? To send a message to invoke humanity in mankind

When? 7th February 2015


Screening of the movie ‘Gate Way to Heaven’

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