‘Climb that Mountain’, Accomplishing your Start-up goals for 2016


‘Accomplishing your startup goals for 2016’ is track of sessions by two Motivational speakers ; Neil David & Kiran David.
The Objective of the event is to help budding entrepreneurs who want to uplift their business ideas to new dimension and progress with ending motivation till the end of the year.


About Neil David:

Neil is a young and passionate trainer, teacher and consultant. Though working for corporates, his aim was always towards inspirational and motivational public speaking , so he quit his corporate relations to focuses on encouraging and motivating young startups.


About Kiran David:

Kiran is a Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Youth Training Professional. He has a large client base across India , US and Europe. His seminars focus on behavioral , Business and inspirational themes for young people.


As it is said, it’s not how you started but how you end matters. The event aimed at encouraging young people to commit to their track and move with stability and consistency. Entrepreneurship is not about great ideas, it’s about converting an intangible vision to tangible outcome with series of routine mechanism which most of the startups lack within 3 – 4 months since the start of their pet projects. The two speakers spoke about how to surpass anxiety, fear , doubting , planning , execution and many more business methods to build a successful company for this year. The audience can be anyone though it intends to focus on youngsters. grab a seat and get persuaded to accomplish your goals for this year 2016.

The examples of ‘Varun Agarwal’s Anu Aunty story’ and ‘Log Kya kahengey’ has been portrayed in an inspirational manner to fill energy and enthusiasm in to every attendee. The stories, poems, case studies, and every quote used by Kiran and Neil were tremendously inspiring.


The attendees had a bunch of questions on how to focus and retain the concentration while working on their startups. These questions seemed familiar to every other person in the hall. Solutions provided by Kiran and Neil has made them more confident about their ability to accomplish goals.


What? A track of sessions emphasising on the importance of goals, Setting and accomplishing.

Why? The sessions trains you on how to focus on your goals.

When? 18/2/2016

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