Movie Analysis of ‘Breakfast at Tifanny’s’, by Dr.T.Ravi Kanth

Collab House, hosts a diverse set of events and Movie analysis is one of such events that happen at our Space. Reelistic Movie club organises movie analysis sessions at our space. The club gives a clear insight of every character in the movie with an excellent explanation of their perspectives and plot of the  movie.

It was a pleasant evening with a set of psychologists, organisers of Reelistic Movie Club and our fellow attendees of Movie analysis sessions. The chosen movie was Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard starrer,  ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.



Here goes the analysis of the movie:

The movie revolves round a lady named Holly(Audrey Hepburn). She is shown to have a troubled childhood and though we don’t know what it is exactly , we believe it was troubled because she ran away from her house along with her brother and grew up in poverty and stealing things along with her brother. Money for her is the most important thing in life and all she dreams is having a luxurious life with her brother, though luxury for her is equal to Tiffany’s where she thinks nothing wrong can happen to her. She gets married to a vet who is old enough to be his father and finds herself taking care of his teenage girls. She runs away from him as well after her brother joins in the army, may be because the money is not enough or she couldn’t handle being a step mom at that age. All she believes is having a big bank balance though she is not bothered as to how she is going to earn it. She even works with Sally who is associated with mafia and gets arrested for it. She is a money digger and keeps searching for the most wealthiest man around so she can marry him and live the life she wants.


Emotionally she is seen as a cold, impulsive, rude, fearless, extrovert kind of a female. She is scared of relationships, emotions and she believes people are not meant to be together. She believes she doesn’t have a name on her own and she doesn’t even name her cat because she believes the cat is like her. She wants to name herself as well as the cat when she starts living the luxurious life she wants. That’s when she believes she will have an identity of her own. She is fearless because she has no attachments and she has got nothing to lose. All throughout the movie we see her running away from one situation or the other, denying the reality, and it has become a pattern for her.
She meets this Paul varjak , who is a struggling writer and in someway or the other similar to her that he is also sleeping around with women to earn money. These two trust each other immediately as we believe both of them are similar. He was always at the recieving end and for the first time after seeing himself in her, he feels good that even he can help somebody. Basically in trying to help her, he was helping himself. Both of them act as mirrors to each other and in a way it’s therapeutic for them. She keeps testing him every time he comes close to her as to know whether he is going to come back for her or he ends up rejecting her like the people in her past. He shows her the wall she has kept to protect herself from all the rejection and in turn helps her to come out of it.

So the question is why ? Why did she become that kind of a person? Is there a reason why people behave in a particular way. Yes, for her it’s the past that has driven her to what she is now. She has not received enough love from childhood and to avoid getting hurt again and again she kept living in this closed shell of hers which she believes, is made up of money. She was able to feel what she is when she found someone who was accepting her for what she is and is not judging her which was therapeutic for her.

We find many people like her who appear cold and withdrawn. But if we could understand their past, give them a chance to express what they feel , they would definitely lead a better and convincing life. Instead of judging, understanding them improves our relationships.

The other way round, the movie was an excellent example on importance of choosing a better life with a person instead of digging their past.


When? 19th March 2016

What? Movie Analysis by Dr. T. Ravi Kanth

Movie Analysis of ‘Breakfast at Tifanny’s’, by Dr.T.Ravi Kanth

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