Collab House: A Collaborative Community Space

Hyderabad needs a home for people who can collaborate, co-learn and co-work.

We’re building a new self-sustaining local community center– one which can act as a hub of activity for anyone with an independent skill or project and a space for those who seek a chance to build great things alongside the city’s best and brightest.

Collab House is a collaborative community space. We built the space to support hackers, makers, start-ups and creative people to come together, make things, grow their skills, business, in a collaborative, community backed environment.

It will be open to all, where startups, hackers, makers, freelancers, students, artists and those who can work anywhere can gather to collaborate, socialize, teach, learn, play and work.

The Ask:

To date, Collab House has been an all-volunteer effort, powered by members of the community who care. To make all this happen, we have to navigate the crazy expensive world of Jubilee Hills real estate, equipment and furniture.

  • The money we’re raising here($8000) will get us closer to the total $30,000 budget we need to keep the space up and running.
  • The money raised will be used to repair and paint walls, furnish the space, and fully equip to facilitate community-powered education.
  • We’ve started a big beautiful new loft size space at Film Nagar, Hyderabad and are rallying community support to help pay for renovation and outfitting costs.

The Impact:

Help Make This Happen

    • Together we’re building an affordable place where people can work happier, be more successful and thrive.
    • Members of our collaboration community are bright, hard-working, successful, inspiring people to be around. They’re building software, web sites, and businesses. They’re designing, managing, and building amazing things.
    • Most importantly, they’re sharing, ideating and collaborating. At the end of the day, everyone goes home smarter, happier, and more inspired. Hyderabad’s new space will be a home to countless events geared toward helping people learn to be better independents and to connect with others. This includes Meetups, workshops, brainstorms, classes, discussion groups, hackathons, demos, fundraisers, parties, and more.

By offering an extremely affordable and flexible place for people to host their groups and events, we’re fostering the development of healthy communities of people who share common interests. Education is long overdue for an overhaul, and we’re starting to experiment with creative new ways for people to teach and learn. Our focus in the last few weeks has been to initiate activities by doing events, workshops, meetups to promote such collaboration, learning and teaching.

More Ways You Can Help Join the Community!

Membership Nothing’s better than having great people participate in our community. If you’re interested in membership, head here:

Partnership / Sponsorship – We are open to partner with organizations who share common interests on special programs and projects. Contact Vineel if you’re interested: or +91 9985 25 8603.

Help spread the word!

  • Help us get the word out, share with your friends and network.
  • You can always use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Please use #hastag: #LetsCollab
Collab House: A Collaborative Community Space

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