The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet-1

Collab House is back with The Hyderabad Artist’s Meetup, version 2.  

The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet happens once a month which is an informal and interactive meet up for the artists across the city and everyone interested in arts, it’s the event you wouldn’t want to miss out.

A handful of artists turned up for the very first meetup of this year and it was a success indeed!
The house had seen one of the most amazing art piece, by Meenakshi, that won her 5 awards in exhibitions held in the USA. Each of them shared what art is to them and how does their form of art help them achieve it. It was truly great and inspiring to see such artists create wonderful works!


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Can’t wait for the next month’s Artists’ Meet!


For more pictures :


To learn more about Collab House and upcoming events:

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Meetup page :






The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet-1

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