Mozilla Hyderabad hosts events exclusively at Collab House and had its first MozCoffee of this year on 26th of Feb.

Mozilla is global organization with Open web Enthusiasts and Do-gooders in the Internet world.

MozCoffee is an informal meetup of the Mozilla community and an opportunity for the non-Mozillians to Interact with them.


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The house opened its discussion with introduction of the participants and learning their backgrounds.  This was followed by introducing the Mozilla Hyderabad community, its activities and plans. The crowd dived into the current things happening in the Mozilla Hyderabad Community. We had an exciting meet where everyone expressed their thoughts and ideas and also shared how they could be a part of the Moz community. The community welcomed the participants with a T-Shirt. The community at Hyderabad is certainly growing!



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Financial and Business Aspects of 3D Printing

Global 3D Labs conducted a session on the Financial and Business aspects of 3D Printing in association with Collab House.

Global 3D labs aims at bridging the gap between ideation and manufacturing by providing high quality and cost effective 3D printers. G3D Labs specializes in manufacturing 3D printers that can be operated and used by multiple users. G3D also aims at evangelizing 3D Printing amongst engineers, researchers, manufacturers and students by holding seminars, talks and workshops for them.

The session began with types of 3D Printers and how they actually work. Besides, a designed was set to be printed right in the start. The participants made the session very interactive. 

Later, various fields and applications where 3D printer can be used were discussed. To learn how 3D printing technology is solving problems was enlightening. The pros and cons of this technology were thoroughly discussed, after which the financial aspects were covered.

It was interesting to see how 3D printing can used in a lot of ways and for a lot of applications where the conventional methods fail to deliver.

The design that was set to print was the Batlogo which was done printing before the session ended.


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Financial and Business Aspects of 3D Printing

Datameet Open Data Hackathon

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On International Open Data Day, Datameet hosted an Open Data Hackathon powered by Collab House. 

Datameet is a community of Data Enthusiasts.

The one-day hackathon focused on generating more open data and using it for solving problems. Government of Telangana, has come up with an Open Data Policy in Sept 2015 and is promoting open data in Telangana.  

The hackathon took off by first considering the Agricultural data of the state and covered a lot of other segments. The crowd was focused and everyone shared their knowledge and ideas to use the data for the greater good.

By the end of the day, a good amount of data was analysed and plans were made so as to how this data can help and what can be done about it.

Data is surplus, we just have to use it to efficiently, and meets like this shall educate people to do so.



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Datameet Open Data Hackathon

PCB Design and Fabrication

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Collab House hosted a workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication.

Printed Circuit boards are highly effective when it comes to specific applications. PCB offers features that a regular bread board does not. Besides, it drastically reduces the size of the circuit and makes it durable.

The first half of the session dealt with the Design aspect, where the participants learnt about types of PCBs along with various design and fabrication techniques. This was followed by the designing  in the software. Once thorough with the design, the real fun began post break .

Fabrication was fun. The participants could clearly see and understand how a PCB works. After fabrication, the components were soldered, the circuit was connected and tested for its functionality.

It was a one of its kind workshop, where the participants actually fabricated their PCBs, by using Toner Transfer Method. This workshop delivered a complete hands on experience to the participants. Tools kits and circuitry were given to the participants after the workshop, so they could try their own circuits later too!



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PCB Design and Fabrication

Volunteer at the Kids Coding Camp!

Kids Coding Camp is a project to teach Government/Low income private school kids basics of internet, website designing and coding.
Collab House and Camp Diaries Logo
Collab House and Camp Diaries are piloting a Coding Camp for Kids over 3 weekends.

50 students of different abilities would be selected for the pilot project in May and June. They should be able to learn the basics of website designing and coding by the end of 3 weekends.  Students will be able to design a basic website by the end of that last day.


Apply now to become a volunteer:

Deadline to apply: Sunday, 4th June 2017

Next Steps:
Applications Start         – May 7th
Telephonic Interviews – June 3rd onwards for shortlisted volunteers
Teacher Training           –  June 5th and 6th (Time and Venue to be confirmed later)

TIMELINE: Total 6 days of teaching + 2 days of training (Only Saturdays and Sundays)

3 Weekends (~ 6 days, 4 hours per day)

We’re looking for ~ 20 passionate volunteers to pilot this project.

If you wish to teach kids computers and coding, this is a great opportunity.

Skills you must possess?

  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Aptitude to learn coding
  • Willingness to change lives
  • Patience and love!
  • What else?
- A laptop or the ability to borrow one on the weekends.


  • All the selected volunteers will be trained over a weekend for the content and on how to manage and teach kids.
  • Each person will have 3 to 4 kids at a time.
  • You will be going to the schools and teaching the kids out in the open with hotspot or dongle internet.
  • 3 weekends will be devoted to a set of kids and then results will be analyzed.


  • Increased coding aptitude in all the kids. (With some passionate about it)
  • Concentration and patience should be developed in the students through the whole course.
  • Impact of the “Culture of Achievement” and “Rigour” strand on the Student Vision Scale used by Teach for India.

DSC_0003 (1)


  • An opportunity inspire and empower schools kids with no access to technology. Make them dream!
  • Opportunity to collaborate with and learn from leaders from Teach For India, Collab House and Camp Diaries.
  • Meet inspiring people and create impact this summer.
  • Get a Letter of Appreciation and enhance your resume!
  • And the satisfaction of teaching the kids 🙂

Mozilla Kids Hack Day Teach For India Logo


Volunteer at the Kids Coding Camp!

Collab House: A Collaborative Community Space

Hyderabad needs a home for people who can collaborate, co-learn and co-work.

We’re building a new self-sustaining local community center– one which can act as a hub of activity for anyone with an independent skill or project and a space for those who seek a chance to build great things alongside the city’s best and brightest.

Collab House is a collaborative community space. We built the space to support hackers, makers, start-ups and creative people to come together, make things, grow their skills, business, in a collaborative, community backed environment.

It will be open to all, where startups, hackers, makers, freelancers, students, artists and those who can work anywhere can gather to collaborate, socialize, teach, learn, play and work.

The Ask:

To date, Collab House has been an all-volunteer effort, powered by members of the community who care. To make all this happen, we have to navigate the crazy expensive world of Jubilee Hills real estate, equipment and furniture.

  • The money we’re raising here($8000) will get us closer to the total $30,000 budget we need to keep the space up and running.
  • The money raised will be used to repair and paint walls, furnish the space, and fully equip to facilitate community-powered education.
  • We’ve started a big beautiful new loft size space at Film Nagar, Hyderabad and are rallying community support to help pay for renovation and outfitting costs.

The Impact:

Help Make This Happen

    • Together we’re building an affordable place where people can work happier, be more successful and thrive.
    • Members of our collaboration community are bright, hard-working, successful, inspiring people to be around. They’re building software, web sites, and businesses. They’re designing, managing, and building amazing things.
    • Most importantly, they’re sharing, ideating and collaborating. At the end of the day, everyone goes home smarter, happier, and more inspired. Hyderabad’s new space will be a home to countless events geared toward helping people learn to be better independents and to connect with others. This includes Meetups, workshops, brainstorms, classes, discussion groups, hackathons, demos, fundraisers, parties, and more.

By offering an extremely affordable and flexible place for people to host their groups and events, we’re fostering the development of healthy communities of people who share common interests. Education is long overdue for an overhaul, and we’re starting to experiment with creative new ways for people to teach and learn. Our focus in the last few weeks has been to initiate activities by doing events, workshops, meetups to promote such collaboration, learning and teaching.

More Ways You Can Help Join the Community!

Membership Nothing’s better than having great people participate in our community. If you’re interested in membership, head here:

Partnership / Sponsorship – We are open to partner with organizations who share common interests on special programs and projects. Contact Vineel if you’re interested: or +91 9985 25 8603.

Help spread the word!

  • Help us get the word out, share with your friends and network.
  • You can always use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Please use #hastag: #LetsCollab
Collab House: A Collaborative Community Space

Etchbricks- UNITY

WHEN: 18th & 19th March 2017 | 10:30 am- 4:30 pm
Who Can Come: Anyone interested

Registration Fee: 1200 per head

Etch Bricks is an off-beat start-up by engineers from various disciplines. Unity is the ultimate game development platform. One can use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles and across a lot of different applications. Unity plays an important part in a booming global games market. More games are made with Unity than with any other game technology. More players play games made with Unity. So, join us for a 2-day interactive workshop on unity with hands on experience of building of building a Maze solving game . Unity workshop content:
Day – 1:
1. Why Unity and what can we do with it
2. Installing Unity
3. Familiarizing with the Unity Environment
4. Saving and exporting the project
5. Taking inputs from the Keyboard
6. Printing text and numbers to the debug console
7. Creating a Game Object in the 3D world
8. Setting Camera position
9. Moving and rotating the object based on key presses
10. Unity Canvas
11. Rendering
12. Saving Data
13. Physics
Day – 2:
14. Getting started with a Maze Solving game
15. Building, Testing, Exporting and having fun
16. Improvements
17. Improving the UI


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-08 at 6.46.33 PM.jpeg

Etchbricks- UNITY

Apply for The AI Chatbot Gabfest

The AI Chatbot Gabfest Beta.jpg

Do Chatbots fascinate you? Would you like to meet the cool new one? And perhaps try and break it too?

Welcome to the first ever AI Chatbot Gabfest Beta!

We are inviting people to chat, trick and try to break out the cool new AI Chatbot. We are looking for people who are good with conversations, can cover wide rage/gaali-waali topics. 😉

What do you get?
* A great chance to pour your heart out and chat away!
* Be the first to play with the cool new AI Chatbot!
* Fun. Food. Goodies & More!

Apply here:

Note: Please note this is an Invite only event. After you submit the application form, our team will review and send invitations to selected members.

Apply for The AI Chatbot Gabfest

Connected Devices at Collab House.

Collab House is one of the most prominent maker spaces in the city with the amazing crowd of makers and product developers. We have an engaging crowd from Colleges and Universities with passion for electronics and ideas around Internet of Things. Hence we piloted an Summer Internship for University students to work on Connected devices, the newly announced focus of Mozilla.


The prototype building kicked-off with a 2 week design-sprint which has a fabulous output of ideas and process to jump start. As part of the sprint, the students were divided in to 4 teams, 2 in each team.

Interestingly we had the majority of girl students engaged in the program. The first phase, identification of the challenge and forming the best team to tackle that challenge has created more interest among the students, since this is the first time that they are looking at the grass root level of the challenge and think of a solution in a bottom to top approach. The problem statement is sketched in the form of a map, a flowchart of the problem statement, causes of the challenge and the ways to solve it.

We had a line of industry leaders who educated the group about developing a prototype. With the makers in house and also professionals from our connections were invited to project a bigger picture of product development and also about their industry experience to our Interns team. There was a talk on Design Thinking by Vineel, a line of sessions on 3D printing by Sandeep and also on product architecture by Priyanka.


The interns are also encouraged to be part of the regular events of and iRaspberryPi at Collab House. Vivek Manoharan, research scholar from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore spoke about his work in Biomechanics & Ergonomics, Design Thinking and more with our interns to help them get started with their work.

After the sprint, talks, workshops, there was a bit of hacking on Arduino and RaspberryPi to have an idea on functionality, feasibility to check whether the idea is implementable using a particular platform.


1 month of the program and we have a solid ideas on paper and the students committed themselves to work on the prototypes for the next couple of months.

The enthusiasm for the students is was amazing. This initiative has created a spark among the Mozillians of Mozilla Hyderabad, encouraging the to take part of this program and make stuff while hacking the existing ones.

Connected Devices at Collab House.

Interactive art | A Blend Aesthetics of and electronics



Collaborations are going to help mankind in making better, interesting and sustainable future for the generations to come. To catch up with the pace with which the world is advancing, there is an essential need of collaborations between individuals, ideas, companies and nations. Collab House as it’s name indicates, is a place for collaborations and a hub for connected communities. We are one of the most active makerspaces in the country while making amazing stuff in collaboration with other communities.

On 15th of June 2016, as Collab House celebrated it’s second anniversary, our team planned to set up an interactive art installation which binds and blends Art, Architecture, Electronics and Technology together. To celebrate the 2 years of Making,  our team, Vineel, Harsha and Akshay along with Himanshu (Banana House ~Makerspace in Delhi), Prasan Dutt (Mooshic Labs, Electronics product developers) has setup the installation on interactive art and electronics, surprising the people present for the party.



“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist” –R. Buckminster Fuller

With the objective of pushing ourselves together to do more with the existing resources, we have committed to make an attractive and simple design which motivates makers and entertains others.


The concept of the model is to make interesting sounds when there is a human interaction with the boxes, the interaction happening through water closes an electronics circuit while creating a unique sound with each box. The boxes are filled with water and simple touch on the surface of water closes the circuit making interesting sounds. The water acts as a slab of capacitance with the 2 capacitor plates being the bottom of the box and the person’s hand/palm/fingers.

The curiosity about design and technology has created an excitement for our communities to make things out of simple electronics yet sophisticated architecture and aesthetics. We are an ideologically elevated team challenged with the motto of building incredible things while focusing at the paining problems of the society. The concurrency in the alignment of our goals is the factor behind our amazing team to get things done, with out an excuse.

Aesthetics, an open standard to be taken care of.


Himashu at work, late in the night.



The term ‘perfection’ is demoralising, hence we strive for ‘excellence’, since it is a motivating factor for every one of our community. There is no boundary for us when we try to excel, since we set new standards while making things. Perfection puts a cap on our standards, restricting us from breaking things and accepting failures.

Prasan Dutt fabricating the LED circuitry.


The soldering and stuff
Some serious, circuit integration stuff.


We have considered many ways to make this happen, while only the final one happened, the obstacles, the circuit breakdown, the soldering not going through, the arduino break down, and the nearing of deadline, nothing could stop us form making this amazingly cool installation marking its elegance at the party. The curious crowd, asking us on how we did this, we could say, it is a team work. Presented by a team of connected communities.


Interactive art | A Blend Aesthetics of and electronics