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At Collab House we believe that future is through collaboration. Solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems can be built through collaboration. The more minds we can put on those solutions, the better off we will all be. People need creative hubs for harnessing the potential of the ecosystem and inspiration from art, technology and community that pushes their limits.

“Future is the only thing that can be created, everything is created already. So it actually a driving force, call it curiosity, call it hope, it gets you things done that you haven’t done before.” – Horst Hörtner

That was the idea with Blossoms, the installation explores interaction and response via sound and coordinated movements. It was challenging to achieve the essence of nature by creating a cluster of flowers which responds to our presence by movement and sound.


TEDxHyderabad_option 4_1
Design by Priyanka Narula, PreLab

Collab House is working at the intersection of technology, arts and community, focusing on the future of collaboration and building things – by the means of artistic use of technologies.

We met PreLab and shared the idea of doing an art installation that combine art, technology and enable human interaction. That’s when Blossoms came up. PreLab works on bringing digital innovation into the field of art and architecture.

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Design by Priyanka Narula, PreLab

The reason why we decided to do Blossoms was we wanted to push our limits on what all of us together could do.


3D printing Stamen

The world today is more complex and interconnected than ever before. Communities need to come together to build on the basics that cultivate creativity, imagination, and grit.


Today when you see technology, art, architecture, design and internet, they no longer can be in silos, the future demands connected world that combine skills, tools, community, and technology for the purpose to design, prototype and create the things that haven’t done before. Our global, connected world today calls for new kinds of collaboration and building—and new kinds of problem-solvers.

It was a team of 9 people, we had one artist/ designer(Priyanka Narula, PreLab) one architect (Kasi), one Tech Architect(Prasann Dutt, Collab House ~ MakerClub) one Tech designer (Ch Avinash, Collab House ~ MakerClub), 3D printing support (Sandeep & Veeresh | 3Ding), Technical Support (Vihari Raj), PreLab Intern(Sutrave likitesh).


It’s not just about the technology that is there but whats more important is the driving force behind the community and its collaboration power.

Testing the gears, circuit, the sensors

To build a community where anywhere, anytime collaboration is a reality, cities and regions need to tap into their many talents and resources to create a vibrant ecosystem of opportunities. That’s the approach we have taken at Collab House, an ecosystem for collaboration is essential.


The city’s/ regions have intellectual capital and has a wealth of resources but in silos. These connected networks don’t just materialize, even when a city has wealth of resources. They take planning, coordination and time to emerge.
We are working with different platforms around our ecosystem to genereate awareness around comaking and inspire people through art innovation.



I think it is very important to show people that it’s not always the technology/ devices that are seen as things but it’s how these devices, technology become seamless with our lifes and nature.


It’s been incredible, weeks of development and passion Blossoming in the moment.

We have seen hundreds of people engaging with the Blossoms, synced up with cluster of moving flowers, music and light during the installation at various platforms across the country.

BLOSSOMS at TEDxHyderabad

Evolution of BLOSSOMS:


“the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.”

“the gradual development of something.”









BLOSSOMS at InnoFest Hyderabad

“Humanity is curious, and humanity is equipped with hope, but the driving force is in all of us. That makes us doing things that are just like, one would say crazy probably, others would say astonishing.”

BLOSSOMS | Art, Technology & Collaboration