Fellowship for Kaarmic Education services

  KAARMIC is a Social Enterprise, which concentrates on educating and empowering tomorrow’s talent to build a more employable India. They provide services in education development, capacity building and assessments through trainings, workshops and other means. Kaarmic does this through various services that concentrate on holistic student development and educational institutes development. They hence provideContinue reading “Fellowship for Kaarmic Education services”

Doodle workshop by Tejo Guna

Tejo Guna is an Architecture student turned professional Doodler, Co-founder of ‘Weird Beard’. His startup functions in the domain of Art and apparel. We have him in house for a workshop on professional doodling, to teach basics and then the to give a creative touch to the art of the attendees. The event started offContinue reading “Doodle workshop by Tejo Guna”