The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet-2

After the first meet, the Artist’s Meet has only grown in number and art forms.
The second meet was terrific. The crowd was diverse and absolutely artistic .

There were painters, sketchers, photographers and also film makers!

Karthik Abhiram, the sketcher from the infamous “Daily Movie sketch” was also a part of this meetup, besides many other amazing artists

It was on this day that we decided to give a platform to the artist’s, by having an exhibit. This lead to “The artconf” that was held on 27th and 28th of May.

Karthik, along with Parul Verma, went on to have their first ever exhibit at the artconf.


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The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet-2

The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet-1

Collab House is back with The Hyderabad Artist’s Meetup, version 2.  

The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet happens once a month which is an informal and interactive meet up for the artists across the city and everyone interested in arts, it’s the event you wouldn’t want to miss out.

A handful of artists turned up for the very first meetup of this year and it was a success indeed!
The house had seen one of the most amazing art piece, by Meenakshi, that won her 5 awards in exhibitions held in the USA. Each of them shared what art is to them and how does their form of art help them achieve it. It was truly great and inspiring to see such artists create wonderful works!


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Can’t wait for the next month’s Artists’ Meet!


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The Hyderabad Artist’s Meet-1

Interactive art | A Blend Aesthetics of and electronics



Collaborations are going to help mankind in making better, interesting and sustainable future for the generations to come. To catch up with the pace with which the world is advancing, there is an essential need of collaborations between individuals, ideas, companies and nations. Collab House as it’s name indicates, is a place for collaborations and a hub for connected communities. We are one of the most active makerspaces in the country while making amazing stuff in collaboration with other communities.

On 15th of June 2016, as Collab House celebrated it’s second anniversary, our team planned to set up an interactive art installation which binds and blends Art, Architecture, Electronics and Technology together. To celebrate the 2 years of Making,  our team, Vineel, Harsha and Akshay along with Himanshu (Banana House ~Makerspace in Delhi), Prasan Dutt (Mooshic Labs, Electronics product developers) has setup the installation on interactive art and electronics, surprising the people present for the party.



“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist” –R. Buckminster Fuller

With the objective of pushing ourselves together to do more with the existing resources, we have committed to make an attractive and simple design which motivates makers and entertains others.


The concept of the model is to make interesting sounds when there is a human interaction with the boxes, the interaction happening through water closes an electronics circuit while creating a unique sound with each box. The boxes are filled with water and simple touch on the surface of water closes the circuit making interesting sounds. The water acts as a slab of capacitance with the 2 capacitor plates being the bottom of the box and the person’s hand/palm/fingers.

The curiosity about design and technology has created an excitement for our communities to make things out of simple electronics yet sophisticated architecture and aesthetics. We are an ideologically elevated team challenged with the motto of building incredible things while focusing at the paining problems of the society. The concurrency in the alignment of our goals is the factor behind our amazing team to get things done, with out an excuse.

Aesthetics, an open standard to be taken care of.


Himashu at work, late in the night.



The term ‘perfection’ is demoralising, hence we strive for ‘excellence’, since it is a motivating factor for every one of our community. There is no boundary for us when we try to excel, since we set new standards while making things. Perfection puts a cap on our standards, restricting us from breaking things and accepting failures.

Prasan Dutt fabricating the LED circuitry.


The soldering and stuff
Some serious, circuit integration stuff.


We have considered many ways to make this happen, while only the final one happened, the obstacles, the circuit breakdown, the soldering not going through, the arduino break down, and the nearing of deadline, nothing could stop us form making this amazingly cool installation marking its elegance at the party. The curious crowd, asking us on how we did this, we could say, it is a team work. Presented by a team of connected communities.


Interactive art | A Blend Aesthetics of and electronics

Clay modelling workshop for Kids


Art and Craft has been one of the major focuses at Collab House. Whilst engaging creatives minds all the time, we have now thought of going the extra mile to make a way for kids to showcase their skills in art and craft.


Collab House hosted a workshop on clay modelling for kids on 21st February 2016. Fabulous day it was, with kids playing and jumping around with play dough in their hands, making different shapes and models.


Prandeep Gyanveer is a design student from IIT Bombay and now works in a renowned MNC,  out of his interest in teaching people about this amazing art, he has come down all the way to Hyderabad to teach these little and lovely creatures.

The session started off with 12 kids. Not to mention their innocent and question marked faces. They might not know what they are going to do for the next 3 hours but we could see their eyes lit up with joy as soon as we started distributing play dough. We could see the variations in expressions on their faces while every unwrapping every new colour(clay).



Imagination has been the next task for them on how to design the models using clay. They were supposed to make a snail, tortoise, burger and potato monster for the day, as planned by Prandeep. Kids had an entirely different view of making these designs, though they are ultra creative, initially they needed some help form Prandeep. Their genuine questions with charming expressions were worth answering. Their hands were worth watching while they creatively roll, twist and trim the clay to make colourful models.


They had their own names for the models that they were making. They seemed sensible and self convincing for the reason of the changes that they have made to the original design of these models. These answers were so cute that we had no choice other than watching them make the complete design, giving them time to shape out their imagination.

The session was half way and the kids were apparently tired and an essential 10 minute break was taken for refreshments. They got some time to stretch their bodies and before finishing off the designs.


The kids got the rapport with the clay in the second session and their fingers seemed attained the proficiency in making perfect shapes out of the coloured clay. They has got the secret sauce on how to make the model more expressive and colourful. They made smiling snails, innocent tortoises and scary monsters. They also made burgers with crazy coloured combination of  bread and patty. The finished models were colourful and expressive.



Starting from left, Family of snakes, Caterpillar, Hippo, Pizza, Chick, Snail, Tortoise, Three eyed monster


On the other side of the picture we could notice that the kids had some unique innate characteristics. We had a ‘keep calm and finish off the work’ kind of a kid, ‘Ghar jaake kar lengey’ kind of a kid, Perfectionist sisters, Frugal kid(using minimal amount of clay to make fabulous designs), ‘Mix everything up for a new colour’ kind of a kid and many more.

The workshop had a fantastic conclusion with everyone of them exhibiting the models made by them.


Cuteness overloaded.

If I had to choose only one word to describe the workshop, I would rather not use any word, since this event can’t be expressed using a single word.


What? A workshop on clay modelling for kids by Prandeep Gyanveer

Why? To incorporate a creative edge to kids by making them design models

When? 21st February 2016


Clay modelling workshop for Kids

BLOSSOMS | Art, Technology & Collaboration

At Collab House we believe that future is through collaboration. Solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems can be built through collaboration. The more minds we can put on those solutions, the better off we will all be. People need creative hubs for harnessing the potential of the ecosystem and inspiration from art, technology and community that pushes their limits.

“Future is the only thing that can be created, everything is created already. So it actually a driving force, call it curiosity, call it hope, it gets you things done that you haven’t done before.” – Horst Hörtner

That was the idea with Blossoms, the installation explores interaction and response via sound and coordinated movements. It was challenging to achieve the essence of nature by creating a cluster of flowers which responds to our presence by movement and sound.


TEDxHyderabad_option 4_1
Design by Priyanka Narula, PreLab

Collab House is working at the intersection of technology, arts and community, focusing on the future of collaboration and building things – by the means of artistic use of technologies.

We met PreLab and shared the idea of doing an art installation that combine art, technology and enable human interaction. That’s when Blossoms came up. PreLab works on bringing digital innovation into the field of art and architecture.

TEDxHyderabad_option 4_2
Design by Priyanka Narula, PreLab

The reason why we decided to do Blossoms was we wanted to push our limits on what all of us together could do.


3D printing Stamen

The world today is more complex and interconnected than ever before. Communities need to come together to build on the basics that cultivate creativity, imagination, and grit.


Today when you see technology, art, architecture, design and internet, they no longer can be in silos, the future demands connected world that combine skills, tools, community, and technology for the purpose to design, prototype and create the things that haven’t done before. Our global, connected world today calls for new kinds of collaboration and building—and new kinds of problem-solvers.

It was a team of 9 people, we had one artist/ designer(Priyanka Narula, PreLab) one architect (Kasi), one Tech Architect(Prasann Dutt, Collab House ~ MakerClub) one Tech designer (Ch Avinash, Collab House ~ MakerClub), 3D printing support (Sandeep & Veeresh | 3Ding), Technical Support (Vihari Raj), PreLab Intern(Sutrave likitesh).


It’s not just about the technology that is there but whats more important is the driving force behind the community and its collaboration power.

Testing the gears, circuit, the sensors

To build a community where anywhere, anytime collaboration is a reality, cities and regions need to tap into their many talents and resources to create a vibrant ecosystem of opportunities. That’s the approach we have taken at Collab House, an ecosystem for collaboration is essential.


The city’s/ regions have intellectual capital and has a wealth of resources but in silos. These connected networks don’t just materialize, even when a city has wealth of resources. They take planning, coordination and time to emerge.
We are working with different platforms around our ecosystem to genereate awareness around comaking and inspire people through art innovation.



I think it is very important to show people that it’s not always the technology/ devices that are seen as things but it’s how these devices, technology become seamless with our lifes and nature.


It’s been incredible, weeks of development and passion Blossoming in the moment.

We have seen hundreds of people engaging with the Blossoms, synced up with cluster of moving flowers, music and light during the installation at various platforms across the country.

BLOSSOMS at TEDxHyderabad

Evolution of BLOSSOMS:


“the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.”

“the gradual development of something.”









BLOSSOMS at InnoFest Hyderabad

“Humanity is curious, and humanity is equipped with hope, but the driving force is in all of us. That makes us doing things that are just like, one would say crazy probably, others would say astonishing.”

BLOSSOMS | Art, Technology & Collaboration

Fellowship for Kaarmic Education services


KAARMIC is a Social Enterprise, which concentrates on educating and empowering tomorrow’s talent to build a more employable India. They provide services in education development, capacity building and assessments through trainings, workshops and other means.
Kaarmic does this through various services that concentrate on holistic student development and educational institutes development.

They hence provide workshops, training sessions and other supportive programs for educational institutes aiming at holistic growth of the students. They currently work with Low-income Private Schools, Colleges, Companies & Organizations, and Governments that help them move towards their mission.


Being community and venue partner for Kaarmic Educational services, Collab House plays a pivotal role in the hiring and student selection procedures of Kaarmic.


What? Selection for Kaarmic Education services.

Why? Student selection for various courses by Kaarmic.


Fellowship for Kaarmic Education services

Doodle workshop by Tejo Guna

Tejo Guna is an Architecture student turned professional Doodler, Co-founder of ‘Weird Beard’. His startup functions in the domain of Art and apparel. We have him in house for a workshop on professional doodling, to teach basics and then the to give a creative touch to the art of the attendees. The event started off with a set of focussed questions like:

What is a Doodle?

How to Doodle?

What do you need to Doodle?

The session was interactive with energetic and enthusiastic crowd. The overwhelming crowd was mostly working professionals with art as their hobby or a part-time passion.


The crowd started drawing different doodles, crafted and compacted in to a piece of paper making the atmosphere more and more creative. You could actually feel the essence of creativity when you move around the tables. Each person deeply engaged to put up a Doodle filled with art and emotion. And Tejo moving around and giving his inputs to make their doodle look more professional and catchy.

It is a feast to one’s eyes if they were at Collab House. We had a diverse age group of attendees ranging from kids to experienced professionals enthusiastic to learn about this special art ‘Doodling’.

The workshop concluded with amazing doodles on every visible sheet. Fruitful session with overwhelming responses ended with a light snack and a Group picture. A day well spent with artists and creative geniuses.

Collab House is very happy and excited to house such kind of an event and would promise to deliver many events and workshops of this kind to peers of Hyderabad.



What? A workshop on Doodling by Tejo Guna

Why? To teach basics and about How to start Doodling.

When? 27 December 2015

Doodle workshop by Tejo Guna