Teach for India, Fellow meet-up.

Collab House lies as the ‘go-to’ place in the city for Open communities and Connected Communities. We host a number of events and meet-ups of organisations of diverse as well as cross-platformed domains in order to build a global node for connected communities. We have closely worked with and supported many social, not-for-profit, Open-source, Educational organisations in order to create positive impact on the society and also to encourage many like minded individuals to  join their hands together and come up with initiatives to make this world, a better place than yesterday.

This is yet another day of activity at Collab House with team of ‘Teach For India’ here in the hall.


Teach For India, a project of Teach To Lead, is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who will commit two-years to teach full-time in under resourced schools and who will become lifelong leaders working from within various sectors towards the pursuit of equity in education.

The event organised at Collab House was for the selected candidates of 2016 Fellowship at Teach For India – Hyderabad. This event is to give certain insights to the selected interns about the qualities that a teacher must possess while teaching children. Teach for India currently operates in 43 schools across Hyderabad impacting more than 4000 children. This Collaboration of ‘Teach for India’ with Collab House is a long way to go and here we would support the organisation by becoming a venue partner for their future events.


Teach For India, supports the selected Fellows in the best possible way so that they are equipped with the right Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets that is essential in the 2 years of the fellowship. The event was aimed at helping them prepare for the 5 week residential training program that happens at Pune where this like-minded, talented and wonderful group of people are set up for success as excellent teachers in classrooms.


Teach for India, Fellow meet-up.

Clay modelling workshop for Kids


Art and Craft has been one of the major focuses at Collab House. Whilst engaging creatives minds all the time, we have now thought of going the extra mile to make a way for kids to showcase their skills in art and craft.


Collab House hosted a workshop on clay modelling for kids on 21st February 2016. Fabulous day it was, with kids playing and jumping around with play dough in their hands, making different shapes and models.


Prandeep Gyanveer is a design student from IIT Bombay and now works in a renowned MNC,  out of his interest in teaching people about this amazing art, he has come down all the way to Hyderabad to teach these little and lovely creatures.

The session started off with 12 kids. Not to mention their innocent and question marked faces. They might not know what they are going to do for the next 3 hours but we could see their eyes lit up with joy as soon as we started distributing play dough. We could see the variations in expressions on their faces while every unwrapping every new colour(clay).



Imagination has been the next task for them on how to design the models using clay. They were supposed to make a snail, tortoise, burger and potato monster for the day, as planned by Prandeep. Kids had an entirely different view of making these designs, though they are ultra creative, initially they needed some help form Prandeep. Their genuine questions with charming expressions were worth answering. Their hands were worth watching while they creatively roll, twist and trim the clay to make colourful models.


They had their own names for the models that they were making. They seemed sensible and self convincing for the reason of the changes that they have made to the original design of these models. These answers were so cute that we had no choice other than watching them make the complete design, giving them time to shape out their imagination.

The session was half way and the kids were apparently tired and an essential 10 minute break was taken for refreshments. They got some time to stretch their bodies and before finishing off the designs.


The kids got the rapport with the clay in the second session and their fingers seemed attained the proficiency in making perfect shapes out of the coloured clay. They has got the secret sauce on how to make the model more expressive and colourful. They made smiling snails, innocent tortoises and scary monsters. They also made burgers with crazy coloured combination of  bread and patty. The finished models were colourful and expressive.



Starting from left, Family of snakes, Caterpillar, Hippo, Pizza, Chick, Snail, Tortoise, Three eyed monster


On the other side of the picture we could notice that the kids had some unique innate characteristics. We had a ‘keep calm and finish off the work’ kind of a kid, ‘Ghar jaake kar lengey’ kind of a kid, Perfectionist sisters, Frugal kid(using minimal amount of clay to make fabulous designs), ‘Mix everything up for a new colour’ kind of a kid and many more.

The workshop had a fantastic conclusion with everyone of them exhibiting the models made by them.


Cuteness overloaded.

If I had to choose only one word to describe the workshop, I would rather not use any word, since this event can’t be expressed using a single word.


What? A workshop on clay modelling for kids by Prandeep Gyanveer

Why? To incorporate a creative edge to kids by making them design models

When? 21st February 2016


Clay modelling workshop for Kids

Maker Camp

Maker Club has taken an up an initiative to teach children about the emerging trends of Technology. A two day camp lined up with ultimate set of workshops has created an amazing opportunity for Kids to gain tremendous knowledge about IoT and 3D printing.


The introduction session continued by handson session on various electronics and 3D printing techniques has deeply engaged  every student to again as much as practical knowledge possible. It was a bright atmosphere at Collab House with little creatures wandering all around with crazy set of doubts and superb enthusiasm.

Ultimately the kids has got an immense knowledge with practical experience by working on various electronic devices and 3D printers. The cute robots and 3D prints made by them are memories left by them at Collab House.

What? ‘Maker Camp’ for children by Maker Club

Why?  To Educate children on present technology trends

When? 30 & 31 May 2015

Maker Camp