Pre New Year and Christmas Party 2015


It’s been a wonderful year 2015. With all those victories which propels our confidence, all those rejections which challenge our will power, all those adventures which keep up our spirit and all those crazy ideas which are made practically reliable, it’s been most memorable year. We have learnt to let go of time, learning valuable lessons from every single day, only to invite the coming new year with more energy enthusiasm and hunger to learn new things, make new technologies and a hope to change the world we are living in.

On 25th of December, team COLLAB HOUSE has planned to host a pre New Year cum Christmas party, an eve of celebrations, inviting every single person associated with COLLAB HOUSE.

The party started off with the preplanned fun event, Comical Roast of Sai Kiran Gunda and Rajat Shahi. The panel members to roast our own Sai Kiran Gunda and Rajat Shahi includes Srikanth Soni, Uday, and Akshay Tiwari.

The atmosphere was filled with so much fun, whistles, giggles and loud laughter. Attendees falling down from their chairs with uncontrollable laughter, Srikanth soni deep diving in to his sarcasm levels while roasting our hosts, the house was bursting with joy and the audience  enjoying to their core. The roast concluded with the warm hugs exchanges between our Host duo and Panel members.

Then we revealed the video ‘One Year of Collab House’, with every member speaking a line about Collab House, the video depicted the love and bonding that every one has with our community space. Please visit the below link for the video.

The beers and barbecues continued to entertain our crowd though the roast ended, those Tuborg wala Beers and Chicken wala Barbecues pumped energy in to the party. With people discussing about their recent projects, New year plans, Debates on entrepreneurship, Philosophies of startups, the party lasted till late night when we had to conclude the party with warm wishes and best luck for the coming new year.

Thank you so much for all the attendees for making this party a big and a memorable one.


What? An eve of celebration with all of our community members

Why? To celebrate New Year and Christmas.

When? 25 December 2015



Pre New Year and Christmas Party 2015