Datameet Open Data Hackathon

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On International Open Data Day, Datameet hosted an Open Data Hackathon powered by Collab House. 

Datameet is a community of Data Enthusiasts.

The one-day hackathon focused on generating more open data and using it for solving problems. Government of Telangana, has come up with an Open Data Policy in Sept 2015 and is promoting open data in Telangana.  

The hackathon took off by first considering the Agricultural data of the state and covered a lot of other segments. The crowd was focused and everyone shared their knowledge and ideas to use the data for the greater good.

By the end of the day, a good amount of data was analysed and plans were made so as to how this data can help and what can be done about it.

Data is surplus, we just have to use it to efficiently, and meets like this shall educate people to do so.



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Datameet Open Data Hackathon

Understanding Sentiment Analysis


Aditya works as a Data Scientist with a Silicon Valley based startup. He has come down to Collab House to share his story to fellow enthusiastic engineers.

The Attendees were expected to know basics of Python, install and work with modules, parsing, basic statistics and all.

The event started off with an introduction to the booming industry, Data Science and Machine Learning. The speaker has clearly differentiated the functionality of python with various other alternatives along with the data consumption algorithms.
The talk then drifted to the concept of Natural Language processing and how the mood and mentality of a person can be analyzed using the his speech.

A Hands On Session on Machine Learning approaches and some awesome demos of practical case studies has excited the attendees to learn more form the experienced Data Scientist.


What?  A workshop on  Data Science and Machine learning

Why?  To give insights about the functionality for Enthusiastic data engineers

When?  1 November 2015


Understanding Sentiment Analysis