Google Adwords Crash Course by iDone SEO

iDone SEO hosted a one-day crash course on Google Adwords by Domain Expert Amarnath Jan at Collab House He is a Google Adwords Certified Professional and had handled more than 200 digital marketing projects covering every segment in B2B and B2C space.


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The course was aimed at beginners. The session focused on how AdWords work, how to create and structure an account, and how to create a campaign from start to finish.
It also covered topics like how to research, identify and refine the keywords and match types, tips for writing great text ads that will stand out from the competition, quality score, CPC, CPA and CPM bid types.

The participants were also able to track conversions and measure ROI from campaigns at the end of the session.

There were students, business professionals, corporate employees, digital marketing enthusiasts and also house wives, who made the course an interactive one.


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Google Adwords Crash Course by iDone SEO