Doodle workshop by Tejo Guna

Tejo Guna is an Architecture student turned professional Doodler, Co-founder of ‘Weird Beard’. His startup functions in the domain of Art and apparel. We have him in house for a workshop on professional doodling, to teach basics and then the to give a creative touch to the art of the attendees. The event started off with a set of focussed questions like:

What is a Doodle?

How to Doodle?

What do you need to Doodle?

The session was interactive with energetic and enthusiastic crowd. The overwhelming crowd was mostly working professionals with art as their hobby or a part-time passion.


The crowd started drawing different doodles, crafted and compacted in to a piece of paper making the atmosphere more and more creative. You could actually feel the essence of creativity when you move around the tables. Each person deeply engaged to put up a Doodle filled with art and emotion. And Tejo moving around and giving his inputs to make their doodle look more professional and catchy.

It is a feast to one’s eyes if they were at Collab House. We had a diverse age group of attendees ranging from kids to experienced professionals enthusiastic to learn about this special art ‘Doodling’.

The workshop concluded with amazing doodles on every visible sheet. Fruitful session with overwhelming responses ended with a light snack and a Group picture. A day well spent with artists and creative geniuses.

Collab House is very happy and excited to house such kind of an event and would promise to deliver many events and workshops of this kind to peers of Hyderabad.



What? A workshop on Doodling by Tejo Guna

Why? To teach basics and about How to start Doodling.

When? 27 December 2015

Doodle workshop by Tejo Guna

Doodle Workshop By Niyati Puri

Niyati Puri  owns a starup, ‘Tree of Art’.

Tree Of Art is an Arts & Fashion brand to bring out various forms of art works,mixed with a lot of color, recycling(up cycling) of products & art which can be worn such as , printed fabric, unique and customized clothing, accessories, artwork, etc

Tree Of Art has also collaborated with Green Spirit Movement NGO – Conscious Community Concepts in balance with nature to induce a positively contagious harmonious way of sustainable living.
This will be realized primarily through these three areas:
1. Re-Introducing Organic Agriculture
2. Community & Eco-Tourism
3. Youth Empowerment: Educational Children Programs and Workshops- (training and sound research)

This is a fun and interactive workshop.  Here, one learns the endless possibilities in doodling and making beautiful and abstract art reflecting one’s inner thoughts and creativity.
Green spirit movement & tree of art has collaboratively presented the workshop in a productive way to the attendees. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete, representational meaning, or may just be abstract shapes.

With doodling you have endless outcomes, you can explore many ways in expressing your creativity. Art is always a reflection of you and how you see things around you.

Alongside the workshop, the participants were asked to bring along any of their artworks to share with every other participant to spread inspiration.

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”
― Allen Ginsberg


Nikhil, a participant made doodle art on Collab House at a recent Doodle workshop.

What?  A workshop on Doodling by Niyati Puri

Why?   To train Interested people in the creative art of Doodling

When?  1 August 2015





Doodle Workshop By Niyati Puri