Mozilla Hyderabad hosts events exclusively at Collab House and had its first MozCoffee of this year on 26th of Feb.

Mozilla is global organization with Open web Enthusiasts and Do-gooders in the Internet world.

MozCoffee is an informal meetup of the Mozilla community and an opportunity for the non-Mozillians to Interact with them.


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The house opened its discussion with introduction of the participants and learning their backgrounds.  This was followed by introducing the Mozilla Hyderabad community, its activities and plans. The crowd dived into the current things happening in the Mozilla Hyderabad Community. We had an exciting meet where everyone expressed their thoughts and ideas and also shared how they could be a part of the Moz community. The community welcomed the participants with a T-Shirt. The community at Hyderabad is certainly growing!



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Future of Open Web Apps and Firefox OS TV.



Collab House plays a vital role in supporting tech related initiatives in the city. There is a reason for people to sort for and collaborate with Collab House, to host a technology event in the city. Mozilla community Hyderabad being the most active open community in the city has come down to Collab House to host the first ever event on Firefox Open Web Apps and Firefox OS TV.


About Firefox OS TV:

Firefox OS for TV is not just a phone operating system on a bigger screen. It’s a whole new experience that brings television to life and gives the users a new level of choice and control.


About Open Web Apps:

Open Web Apps are essentially no different than standard websites or Web pages. They are built using standard open Web technologies — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. — and can be accessed using a Web browser. The main differences lie in their ability to be installed on a device and work offline, and access to advanced APIs that allow interaction with device features such as the camera, address book, and other such things. In addition, they are built on open technologies as much as is possible. Where differences lie in technology implementation between platforms, efforts should be made to ensure that both are supported, through a combination of feature detection and appropriate code for different platforms, and graceful degradation.



Santosh started off the session with basic introduction to Open Web apps and a clear understanding of Offline applications. The talk on ‘Future of Open Web Apps’ and ‘Mozilla oghliner’ has caught attention of every contributor in the room. They were inspired after knowing the potential of offline applications. Then continued the sessions on guidelines for the app of Firefox OS Tv and also the user interface standards for Firefox OS TV.



That was an interactive session with engaging discussions. The attendees including the FSAs were intolerant to get started with making their own Offline and Firefox OS TV apps. The hacking and making sessions continued till 8 PM except for a snack break in between. That was a continuous stretch of Coding producing 2 valuable prototypes at the EOD. Productive day instead. The volunteers would further work on these applications in the coming days and would make them a deployable applications.



When? 13 March 2016

What? A session on Future of Open Web Apps and Firefox OS Tv

Where? Collab House



Future of Open Web Apps and Firefox OS TV.

Mozilla Hyderabad status report 2015


This post highlights the activity of ‘Mozilla Hyderabad Community’ in the year 2014-2015. Individual as well as collective contributions form various members of the community throws light on the efforts that people have put up to make this one of the most active communities. Based out of Collab House, Mozilla Hyderabad has hosted all the major and crucial events and campaigns aiming at building a strong contributor base at Hyderabad. Having presence of contributors to various projects of Mozilla, we have created specifically targeted events and campaigns to create maximum impact meanwhile enabling a lot of Mozillians to achieve expertise in their respective domain of contribution.


Open Practices:  

As Mozilla Mission emphasises on openness of the web, we followed open practices to build the community with diversity in ideology and supported initiatives by various other open organisations by either supporting or helping them. Our practices are inclusive of Strategic initiatives, local campaigns,Impact filled events, transparent documentation and communication.



Mozilla Hyderabad has partnered with various other Open communities aiming at promoting Mozilla mission further as a mutual benefactor:

  • Hour of code
  • Duck Duck go
  • Geek Angels
  • Hyderabad Open source and Makespace creativity
  • CoderDojo
  • 3D printing & hardware
  • Thought works
  • Hill Hacks
  • EngineersHub
  • Ride on Cab



Collab House, Hyderabad has been the hub of activity for most of the key Mozilla Meetings and Events. Particularly over the last one year we have engaged more than 3000 people in 30+ Events covering the domains predominantly Community Building, Women Empowerment, Maker Party, Cloud Services, Dev, FirefoxOS, L10n, Webmaker, Location Services & Hive Network.

Apart from the local community activities, several Mozilla Staff has made their presence at Collab House in order to interact with train the members of Mozilla Hyderabad Community. The events and meetings listed below has made the contributors more energetic with the presence of Mozilla staff



The activity of Mozilla Hyderabad Community has been consistent over the past 1 year. The community and Collab House together has played a significant role in spreading Mozilla mission and empower local contributors.

Mozilla Hyderabad Community has hosted 30+ events in around its one year of functioning.

Apart from the offline activity the community is active online through blogs and Social Media channels

The activity of Mozilla Hyderabad has been a collective effort from the every member of the community. We’d like to specially thank Vineel R. Pindi, Santosh Vishwanatham, Srikar Ananthula, Harsha Vardhan, Akshay Tiwari, Deepak Upendra, Harsha Bandaru, Kalyan Deekshit and Giridhar Akirapu for their efforts in building the community.


This wouldn’t have been possible without the support from William Quiviger, Rosana Ardila, George Roter and Michelle Thorne.

List of Events:



Thrilled to see what we could do in 2016!





Mozilla Hyderabad status report 2015