Design Thinking at Khidki by GSC-Hyderabad

Global Shapers Community – Hyderabad hosted a Design Thinking workshop by Ulrike Reinhard at their first Khidki(కిటికీ), held at Collab House.  Ulrike is a futurist, community activist and founder of Janwaar Castle, a skateboard park she set up with the ambitious objective of revitalizing a village in rural India.

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Khidki (కిటికీ)” is a curated and by-invite monthly salon powered by Global Shapers Community – Hyderabad Hub, which brings together innovators, thinkers, doers to reflect on ways in which citizen action can create a better Hyderabad. Our wide-ranging discussions will cover culture, economy, technology, infrastructure, and design as ‘tools of change’.


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Design Thinking at Khidki by GSC-Hyderabad