Way to Hack, Hiring Hackathon

  Way2Online is India’s leading new media organisation that provides cutting edge unique experiences to consumers through our sites and innovative ROI driven solutions to our clients”. They have a registered user base of over  52 million  and 3 billion page views per month. Way2Online founded way2sms.com in the year 2007 and acquired 160by2.com to make way2online one amongContinue reading “Way to Hack, Hiring Hackathon”

Hackers’ Summit

  Celebrating Hacking with the Hacker community is the main idea of Hackers Summit. It brings celebrated hackers and startups together to build momentum and opportunity around hacking events. By celebrating the spirit of hacking community in India, it has been a Hacking Carnival. The line of Amazing Technology speakers There were talks featuring celebratedContinue reading “Hackers’ Summit”