Mobile for Good Awards 2015 – Applications now open!

Collab House is proud to partner with NASSCOM Foundation to support Vodafone Foundation Mobile For Good Awards 2015. A platform to recognize and support mobile innovations addressing social issues in India.


With one of the largest populations in the world and an urgent need to empower our communities, mobile technology can play a significant role in instrumenting large scale impact across the country.  Mobile penetration in India stands at 72% currently and is expected to grow to 100% by 2017. This provides a potential prospect to leverage the mobile platform and address the information and developmental needs of the communities – in both rural and urban areas.

Several NGOs and For Profit organizations are taking steps to digitally empower communities by creating mobile solutions to address various issues. Mobile based services are being used to address various needs across sectors by creating solutions for communication & awareness, training & capacity building, data collection, monitoring & surveillance, patient tracking, diagnostic support, treatment and care & support.

To encourage and celebrate the power of innovative mobile solutions that drive inclusive growth across the country, the Vodafone Foundation launched the ‘Mobile for Good Awards’ in 2011. This year, in an effort to maximize impact and support tech for good projects, the NASSCOM Foundation has joined hands with the Vodafone Foundation for the Mobile for Good initiative. Both Foundations are excited to announce that the Mobile for Good Awards 2015 application deadline has been extended to 15th, August, 2015 due to a large volume of requests from various organizations.

The M4G Awards 2015 has 2 categories- ‘Leading Change Maker – NPO Category’ and ‘Leading Change Maker – For profit category’ and invites applications across the 4 crucial areas of Health, Education, Women Empowerment & Inclusive Development and Agriculture. The NPO category will focus on recognizing all projects by NGOs and NFPs. The For Profit category will focus on initiatives by Social enterprises and individuals. This year, a special category has been introduced for Government led mobile solutions. There will be 5 winners selected from the NGO category, each of whom will receive critical seed funding of 1.2 million each. They will also receive structured mentorship, monitoring and impact evaluation from partner institutions to build scale and capacity over a period of one year.

The 5 winners from the For Profit category will receive special recognition and an opportunity to showcase their innovation at the newly launched ‘Social Apps Marketplace’ in December. There will be one winner in the Government solution category who will receive a recognition certificate on a national platform. If you have a mobile solution impacting our community and building sustainable solutions, apply for the M4G 2015 Awards and stand to win funding/mentorship and national recognition.

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Mobile for Good Awards 2015 – Applications now open!

XPRIZE Think Tank Comes to Hyderabad | First Meetup


Hyderabad, March 1, 2015Imagine joining a local community filled with a diverse mix of people from technology, space, oceans, education, and more, all who want to create a brighter future. Imagine getting together regularly in-person to share presentations about recent developments in technology, to discuss common problems in the world, and to explore ways in which we can solve them. Imagine collaborating together on these problems to make real and tangible solutions. These are all the goals of XPRIZE Think Tanks.

Collab House, a collaborative community space proposed to bring Think Tank to Hyderabad which got approved, hosted the first meet, here in Hyderabad on March 1st, 2015.

The meet was anchored by Devthon, an innovation platform which is working towards bringing people together to create an impact in health, energy, education, agriculture and many other fields.

The XPRIZE Think Tank Hyderabad will bring together innovators, problem-solvers, domain experts, and more together from a local community to help discuss, educate, and strategize how to solve grand challenges.


There were 15 individuals who came together to scope down the future of the Think Tank and identify challenge areas. Individuals divided into groups of 2 to take on the task of identifying areas of focus that each of us are keen on creating an impact in.

The internet technology has taken the world by storm, creating opportunities across the globe. One team proposed to pursue the need for internet access for all, drafting a initiative with intersection of participation from public(govt), private(corporate) and local bodies(community) which would bring internet for all, help understand its capabilities and assist in improving lives. Another team proposed food as a major challenge area to take on. An interesting way to solve it is to connect people over food. The challenges in healthcare were also discussed.

IMG_2460However, the challenge area winner which was identified as the most important area during the discussion was, Education. It was discussed on how access to quality education brings about a cultural change and how teachers and schools play an important role in shaping the future generations.

Members of the XPRIZE Think Tank, called Tankers, will meet bi-weekly in Hyderabad. The first time Tankers discussed on how we must broaden our thinking to identify moonshot challenges that currently only outliers think about. In the future, the Think Tank will open the floor to ideas and challenges from specific areas taking a more focused approach to identify pressing problems faced by mankind.


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XPRIZE Think Tank Comes to Hyderabad | First Meetup