Fellowship for Kaarmic Education services


KAARMIC is a Social Enterprise, which concentrates on educating and empowering tomorrow’s talent to build a more employable India. They provide services in education development, capacity building and assessments through trainings, workshops and other means.
Kaarmic does this through various services that concentrate on holistic student development and educational institutes development.

They hence provide workshops, training sessions and other supportive programs for educational institutes aiming at holistic growth of the students. They currently work with Low-income Private Schools, Colleges, Companies & Organizations, and Governments that help them move towards their mission.


Being community and venue partner for Kaarmic Educational services, Collab House plays a pivotal role in the hiring and student selection procedures of Kaarmic.


What? Selection for Kaarmic Education services.

Why? Student selection for various courses by Kaarmic.


Fellowship for Kaarmic Education services

Way to Hack, Hiring Hackathon


Way2Online is India’s leading new media organisation that provides cutting edge unique experiences to consumers through our sites and innovative ROI driven solutions to our clients”. They have a registered user base of over  52 million  and 3 billion page views per month.

Way2Online founded way2sms.com in the year 2007 and acquired 160by2.com to make way2online one among the largest consumer internet companies. They have a strong team with over 200 employees and are actively looking at adding some rockstar coders to their existing team.


The whole motive of the event is to hire a couple of excellent developers in Mobile as well web platforms. A problem statement is given and the participants are supposed to develop an application with all the requirements. The best applications fetches a job for the team developing the former. Along with job, they were awarded with Prize money and cool gadgets.

Aditya GV, reached out to us for organizing the hackathon and Collab House agreed to do it form the scratch. The marathon stretch of coding included a couple of coffee breaks. Dinner included Pizza form Eagle boys.

The event ended on a successful note with minimal distractions. Suraj Dubey and Surendra Agarwal formed as a team to participate and their application has won an Ipad for them.



What? Wat to Hack, a Hiring Hackathon

Why? 24 hour hackathon for hiring skilled developers

When? 19 June 2015

Where?  Way2SMS Office, Hyderabad

Way to Hack, Hiring Hackathon

Hackers’ Summit


Celebrating Hacking with the Hacker community is the main idea of Hackers Summit. It brings celebrated hackers and startups together to build momentum and opportunity around hacking events. By celebrating the spirit of hacking community in India, it has been a Hacking Carnival.


The line of Amazing Technology speakers

There were talks featuring celebrated Hackers , Deep-dive tech sessions in unconference style, acknowledging winners of various hacking events, a Hackathon of Hackathons and a Hackers Hiring event.

The focus of the hackathon is on building an IoT prototype under the theme of ‘Smart Cities’

Speakers from the Hackers community, and outside, are brought in to share their story. Hacker-unconference sessions with hacker/open-source thought leaders on emerging technologies and hacking tips/tricks in Cloud, Mobile, IoT, security, JS and more. It is a gathering and community of people who share values and a bigger vision of the impact they want to have on the world. The unconference does not fit into a particular track. The beauty of the unconference is that we hand-pick a variety of people from different industries, genres, ages and countries.


Manish, Mozilla Representative, speaking about ‘Rust’ Language

After the end of the Hackathon, a hiring event led by ‘Headstart Higher’ had enabled a bunch of Sought of startups of the city to recruited few brilliant participants.

The event has created a huge impact on the hacker community of Hyderabad and enabled many Hackers of Hyderabad to create platform to build bright future.


What? Hackers’ Summit presented by HYSEA

Why? A 48 hour hackathon on IoT and smart cities

When? 9-11  July 2015

Where?  IIIT Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli




Hackers’ Summit