Furniture Design Workshop by Needlab

Needlab with Collab House conducted a week long Furniture Design Workshop followed by a Gallery show. The workshop death with designing and manufacturing.

Needlab is a Barcelona, Spain based non-profit organization. A team of designers from Spain were in Hyderabad for the training. Needlab aims to explore the interaction between nature and technology, between traditional craftsmanship and digital fabrication. Needlab focuses on unveiling new ways of creating a dialog between local materials, social practices, and environmental forces.



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Students learned the complete cycle of production, from digital design to fabrication. The participants designed and fabricated furniture in the workshop, using Rhinoceros 3D software (3D modeling software) and Rhino CAM software used for CNC fabrication. The feedback loop between the digital design and physical construction enhanced their learning. At the end of the workshop, the participants experienced not only designing, furniture but also building it.

We did a factory visit to do the test fabrication with the state of the art Italian CNC machine, after which the designs were manufactured.

The workshop was held from July 20th – 25th, after which there was a Gallery Show of the digitally fabricated furniture on 26th & 27th.

Amala Akkineni, Indian Film actress joined us at The Gallery Show at Collab House.
She spent time learning the design process the students went through to Digitally Fabricated the Furniture. She was also keen on learning about Maker spaces and its contribution to the modern world.


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Furniture Design Workshop by Needlab