Interactive art | A Blend Aesthetics of and electronics



Collaborations are going to help mankind in making better, interesting and sustainable future for the generations to come. To catch up with the pace with which the world is advancing, there is an essential need of collaborations between individuals, ideas, companies and nations. Collab House as it’s name indicates, is a place for collaborations and a hub for connected communities. We are one of the most active makerspaces in the country while making amazing stuff in collaboration with other communities.

On 15th of June 2016, as Collab House celebrated it’s second anniversary, our team planned to set up an interactive art installation which binds and blends Art, Architecture, Electronics and Technology together. To celebrate the 2 years of Making,  our team, Vineel, Harsha and Akshay along with Himanshu (Banana House ~Makerspace in Delhi), Prasan Dutt (Mooshic Labs, Electronics product developers) has setup the installation on interactive art and electronics, surprising the people present for the party.



“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist” –R. Buckminster Fuller

With the objective of pushing ourselves together to do more with the existing resources, we have committed to make an attractive and simple design which motivates makers and entertains others.


The concept of the model is to make interesting sounds when there is a human interaction with the boxes, the interaction happening through water closes an electronics circuit while creating a unique sound with each box. The boxes are filled with water and simple touch on the surface of water closes the circuit making interesting sounds. The water acts as a slab of capacitance with the 2 capacitor plates being the bottom of the box and the person’s hand/palm/fingers.

The curiosity about design and technology has created an excitement for our communities to make things out of simple electronics yet sophisticated architecture and aesthetics. We are an ideologically elevated team challenged with the motto of building incredible things while focusing at the paining problems of the society. The concurrency in the alignment of our goals is the factor behind our amazing team to get things done, with out an excuse.

Aesthetics, an open standard to be taken care of.


Himashu at work, late in the night.



The term ‘perfection’ is demoralising, hence we strive for ‘excellence’, since it is a motivating factor for every one of our community. There is no boundary for us when we try to excel, since we set new standards while making things. Perfection puts a cap on our standards, restricting us from breaking things and accepting failures.

Prasan Dutt fabricating the LED circuitry.


The soldering and stuff
Some serious, circuit integration stuff.


We have considered many ways to make this happen, while only the final one happened, the obstacles, the circuit breakdown, the soldering not going through, the arduino break down, and the nearing of deadline, nothing could stop us form making this amazingly cool installation marking its elegance at the party. The curious crowd, asking us on how we did this, we could say, it is a team work. Presented by a team of connected communities.


Interactive art | A Blend Aesthetics of and electronics

Meet and greet party of Testathon.



A Testathon is like a hackathon but for testers. Initiated by Global App Testing . On the day, 50 of the best testers are brought together and a competition is organised to win some amazing prizes (cash, phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc) for finding bugs. During the event, the team will bring down 3 keynote speakers.

It’s a unique event with the aim of connecting the testing community whilst allowing elite testers to network, learn from unique keynotes and enjoying what we do best.

Happening for the first time in India, This is one of the most sorted event for testers. Out of 300+ applications, only 60 people were shortlisted to be part of the Testing-Hackathon. The team of Testathon wanted to host a pre-event meet and greet party for all the shortlisted participants to give more insights about the event and also to make all the testers meet the follow participants.




The participants included corporate job holders, freelancers, developers etc. Quality assurance team form Facebook has flew down to India to be part of this event. It was a productive evening at house when Software testers and developers from various companies like CGI, Tech Mahindra, AG and various other corporate giants were in house, networking with other people and even with Facebook team.


We were excited to host the party in the eminent open space that we have at Collab House. Paper Boat beverages were there, Miller Beers were there and awesome networking happened there on 13th May 2016 till 9 PM.

Meet and greet party of Testathon.

1st Anniversary of ‘Collab House’


We’re building a new self-sustaining local collaborative community centre – one which can act as a hub of activity for anyone with an independent skill or project and a space for those who seek a chance to build great things alongside the city’s best and brightest.


Collab House is a collaborative community space. We built the space to support hackers, makers, start-ups and creative people to come together, make things, grow their skills, business, in a collaborative, community backed environment.
It would be open to all, where startups, hackers, makers, freelancers, students, artists and those who can work anywhere can gather to collaborate, socialise, teach, learn, play and work.

It is amazing that in just a course of 1 year, we have had a footfall of 3121, hosted 73 events and embraced 26 communities in to the family of Collab House. The social reach of near 1 lakh shows the impact that we have created online and impression left on the minds of people supporting our space.


On account of anniversary month, we have had a month full of celebrations with open days at Collab House, a whole 30 days of awesomeness, 5 weekends of activity and 15 amazing events. Every one was open to access the space and work from Collab House on these days. The ‘Open Days’ month ended with the launch of Startup Grind Hyderabad Chapter, hosting Anu Acharya for the first event of ‘Startup Grind’ in Hyderabad, at Collab House.


The late night karaoke, Pizzas, Biryani and Beers blended together made a blasting party in house.

What? Anniversary of our own Space, ‘Collab House’

Why? To shoutout the impact statement and celebrate 1 year of launching Collab House

When? 15 June 2015




1st Anniversary of ‘Collab House’

Pre New Year and Christmas Party 2015


It’s been a wonderful year 2015. With all those victories which propels our confidence, all those rejections which challenge our will power, all those adventures which keep up our spirit and all those crazy ideas which are made practically reliable, it’s been most memorable year. We have learnt to let go of time, learning valuable lessons from every single day, only to invite the coming new year with more energy enthusiasm and hunger to learn new things, make new technologies and a hope to change the world we are living in.

On 25th of December, team COLLAB HOUSE has planned to host a pre New Year cum Christmas party, an eve of celebrations, inviting every single person associated with COLLAB HOUSE.

The party started off with the preplanned fun event, Comical Roast of Sai Kiran Gunda and Rajat Shahi. The panel members to roast our own Sai Kiran Gunda and Rajat Shahi includes Srikanth Soni, Uday, and Akshay Tiwari.

The atmosphere was filled with so much fun, whistles, giggles and loud laughter. Attendees falling down from their chairs with uncontrollable laughter, Srikanth soni deep diving in to his sarcasm levels while roasting our hosts, the house was bursting with joy and the audience  enjoying to their core. The roast concluded with the warm hugs exchanges between our Host duo and Panel members.

Then we revealed the video ‘One Year of Collab House’, with every member speaking a line about Collab House, the video depicted the love and bonding that every one has with our community space. Please visit the below link for the video.

The beers and barbecues continued to entertain our crowd though the roast ended, those Tuborg wala Beers and Chicken wala Barbecues pumped energy in to the party. With people discussing about their recent projects, New year plans, Debates on entrepreneurship, Philosophies of startups, the party lasted till late night when we had to conclude the party with warm wishes and best luck for the coming new year.

Thank you so much for all the attendees for making this party a big and a memorable one.


What? An eve of celebration with all of our community members

Why? To celebrate New Year and Christmas.

When? 25 December 2015



Pre New Year and Christmas Party 2015

MemiDay MemiCricket


Memilog Turns 1 on May the 31st. The ideas guy all the time, Sai Kiran Gunda thought of celebrating this occasion in a special way, hence the idea of ‘MemiCricket’. Instead of inviting all the startup community personnel of Hyderabad to a formal party, he though of celebrating the meetup with Cricket. A competition between all the startups attending the party. Amazing number of startups registering themselves for the ‘gully cricket tournament’ and turning up punctually for the matches made a big day for Memilog and Memiday.




The whole cricket event will be on the lines of a knockout.
A team must consist of 5 playing members and may consist of 1 substitute. ‘Crestedzines’, trashed all the teams and turned out to be  winner among the registered 16 teams.


On this day, Sai Kiran revealed the Muscat of Memilog which is ‘Memibot’ and also the new initiative of ‘Memilog Action Army’.


What?  Celebration of Memiday with Memicricket

Why? On account of 1 year anniversary of Memilog

When? 30, 31 May 2015

MemiDay MemiCricket