Hyperlocal Startups The Road Ahead

Startup Saturday hosted yet another Headstart Hyderabad session on 14th October 2017, at Collab House.
This time, the theme was Hyperlocal Startups; The Raod Ahead.

‘Hyperlocal’ is poised to become the new catchphrase in the eCommerce industry and is well-positioned to become the reigning trend in the mobile commerce revolution. This has made possible the delivery of everything from groceries to medicines and healthcare services, directly from nearby stores, pharmacists and healthcare providers along with faster delivery and lower shipping cost. The classic method to start a business-to-consumer model is to start hyperlocal and those are the very principles of the lean model too.

The participants learned a lot ranging from how to grow partnerships to how to scale a Hyperlocal Startup.

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The speakers for this session were Snehith Budime, Co-Founder IndiaBuys, Suresh Avvaru, Co-Founder & CEO, TownyApp, and ML Narashima Rao, Founder & CEO, Jigydi Home Care Services. There was a mixed crowd from students to startup enthusiasts.


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Hyperlocal Startups The Road Ahead

Google Adwords Crash Course by iDone SEO

iDone SEO hosted a one-day crash course on Google Adwords by Domain Expert Amarnath Jan at Collab House He is a Google Adwords Certified Professional and had handled more than 200 digital marketing projects covering every segment in B2B and B2C space.


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The course was aimed at beginners. The session focused on how AdWords work, how to create and structure an account, and how to create a campaign from start to finish.
It also covered topics like how to research, identify and refine the keywords and match types, tips for writing great text ads that will stand out from the competition, quality score, CPC, CPA and CPM bid types.

The participants were also able to track conversions and measure ROI from campaigns at the end of the session.

There were students, business professionals, corporate employees, digital marketing enthusiasts and also house wives, who made the course an interactive one.


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Google Adwords Crash Course by iDone SEO

RaspberryPi : Introuction-II


People at iRaspberryPi feel that their community is India’s most innovative group for those interested in Raspberry Pi and it’s applications. They conduct regular Meet-Ups, and have recently started conducting targeted workshops that focus on specific devices, technologies or projects, all centered around Open Hardware based or IoT Based devices such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.

The meetup is friendly, open for all ages, and focused at beginners as well as intermediate learners.



Starting off with the evolution of the Pi, the agenda was rigidly structured for the day.

• Help beginners to set up their RPis

• Pi software and hardware introductions with an example

• RPI – GPIO and ways to access them.

• LED and Fan turning on/off

• HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor

• Project: Occupancy based appliance controlling

• Twitter integration with Pi

• Motion Detection using Pi

• Showing off your Pi!


With the introduction and demonstration of astonishing makes using Raspberry Pi, people in the hall were spellbound and unstoppable to put their hand on, prepare a recipe and hack the Raspberry Pi which is handed over to them. Interactions, knowledge sharing conversations and a lot of fun all together has made this meetup a worthy memory to last till the next meetup of this kind.



Please join the meetup group of iRaspberryPi  to be part the amazing events which are going happen in the coming months.


What?  The second session on introduction to RaspberryPi by the organization iRaspberryPi

Why?  To create awareness among Hyderabad Maker Community a about the advancements in maker and hacker technologies.

When? 31st January 2016


RaspberryPi : Introuction-II

ShoutMeet Hyderabad with Harsh Agarwal.

Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud.com has come all the way from Delhi to Hyderabad to meet all the bloggers in & around the city. A tremendous opportunity for the attendees to learn from India’s top most blogger

From past 6 & half years, ShoutMeLoud has been helping countless individuals to start blogging & to make a career out of it. And, we are excited to announce a new chapter in our journey called ShoutMeet. This is one unique initiative for bloggers to come forward & become a part of the community.


An overwhelming crowd turned which made the number of chairs available at Collab House impossible to accommodate all the audience. With jam packed hall, the session started off with the basics of blogging, The various tools required to develop a better blog and lot more.

The event is aimed at making a sustainable earning out of a blog by following certain focused strategies.  “A lot of people who want to start a blog wait for the right time and a perfect formula. My advice for such people is: start right away. There is no right time for starting anything new. Once you start, you will keep moving”, says Harsh.

Harsh Agrawal, who started his first blog as a hobby, and is now making millions of rupees by doing the same. Harsh has chosen to follow his heart to continue blogging rather than joining Accenture where he got an offer to join Accenture.

Thank you ‘Magazine3’ for inviting such an inspirational personality and putting up an amazing session.


What? Meetup of bloggers in and around the city with founder of ‘Shout me loud’.

Why? To connect bloggers of Hyderabad with India’s top blogger.

When? 17 September 2015

ShoutMeet Hyderabad with Harsh Agarwal.