Storytelling Workshop by Storywallahs

Collab House, in association with Storywallahs, hosted a storytelling workshop on the 8th of October. Nupur Aggarwal from Storywallahs was the facilitator.

The workshop was focused on learning to tell stories to children. The participants learned why storytelling is the most powerful form of communication and how stories can be structured. They also understood how to give voice to a story and how to hook the listeners to their stories by using props, gest, and expressions.


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It was a 6-hour long workshop. There were teachers, parents, and enthusiasts. By the end of the day, each participant discovered their personal style of storytelling.

Nupur shared some great insights on storytelling, some of which are ‘Stories can teach us empathy’ and ‘Stories help us understand and subdue hatred’.

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Storytelling Workshop by Storywallahs