Furniture Design Workshop by Needlab

Needlab with Collab House conducted a week long Furniture Design Workshop followed by a Gallery show. The workshop death with designing and manufacturing. Needlab is a Barcelona, Spain based non-profit organization. A team of designers from Spain were in Hyderabad for the training. Needlab aims to explore the interaction between nature and technology, between traditional craftsmanship andContinue reading “Furniture Design Workshop by Needlab”


Mozilla Hyderabad hosts events exclusively at Collab House and had its first MozCoffee of this year on 26th of Feb. Mozilla is global organization with Open web Enthusiasts and Do-gooders in the Internet world. MozCoffee is an informal meetup of the Mozilla community and an opportunity for the non-Mozillians to Interact with them.     TheContinue reading “MozCoffee”

Datameet Open Data Hackathon

On International Open Data Day, Datameet hosted an Open Data Hackathon powered by Collab House.  Datameet is a community of Data Enthusiasts. The one-day hackathon focused on generating more open data and using it for solving problems. Government of Telangana, has come up with an Open Data Policy in Sept 2015 and is promoting openContinue reading “Datameet Open Data Hackathon”

PCB Design and Fabrication

Collab House hosted a workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication. Printed Circuit boards are highly effective when it comes to specific applications. PCB offers features that a regular bread board does not. Besides, it drastically reduces the size of the circuit and makes it durable. The first half of the session dealt with the DesignContinue reading “PCB Design and Fabrication”

Freecode Camp 3rd Meetup.

FreeCodeCamp Hyderabad, a local developer community started not even a month ago, just had their 4th meet-up in the city at everyone’s favorite maker space, Collab House. The community is mentored by three passionate developers  – Kapil, Ramana and Arijit. For this meetup, Ramana, who works as a web developer, taught the members of theContinue reading “Freecode Camp 3rd Meetup.”