Maker Camp

Maker Club has taken an up an initiative to teach children about the emerging trends of Technology. A two day camp lined up with ultimate set of workshops has created an amazing opportunity for Kids to gain tremendous knowledge about IoT and 3D printing.


The introduction session continued by handson session on various electronics and 3D printing techniques has deeply engaged  every student to again as much as practical knowledge possible. It was a bright atmosphere at Collab House with little creatures wandering all around with crazy set of doubts and superb enthusiasm.

Ultimately the kids has got an immense knowledge with practical experience by working on various electronic devices and 3D printers. The cute robots and 3D prints made by them are memories left by them at Collab House.

What? ‘Maker Camp’ for children by Maker Club

Why?  To Educate children on present technology trends

When? 30 & 31 May 2015

Maker Camp

Hyderabad Web Technologies

The motto of the event is to teach the basics of programming on various platforms. It is not to make the attendees proficient in a language but making them self reliant on learning the languages independently.

The attendees were informed to bring their laptops for the hands on programming session.

Agenda of the day –

Understanding how the web works, understanding and exploring HTML5/CSS3 (one hour). This 1 hour gives you the skeleton of a webpage. It shows how the text and color of a webpage or website can be programmed.

Understanding JavaScript, solving easy programming challenges in JavaScript, Intro to Node.js (one hour). This session gives you the complete picture of the functionality of a website.

Q & A (30 mins), This cleared out doubts of the attendees to make them more clear about the concepts and enables them to dive deep.

Exploring Web Tools, Introduction to Git and GitHub (30 mins). Exploring github helps out a programmer in multiple ways.

Building personal portfolio website (Practice Session). A personal website or a blog is a tool to market oneself. Updating your blog timely is important in order to keep up with your peer group.

Post-session Q&A, future learning resources etc.

It was a fruitful session with wonderful outcome. Every attendee was more than satisfied with the knowledge that they have gained by being part of the workshop.

What?  A workshop On basics of Web Technologies by Learnup

Why?   To give a glimpse about web technologies to enthusiastic set of people

When?  4 October 2015



Hyderabad Web Technologies